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Today, I am trying to help Sally about his/her Beijing & Shanghai trip. Here is the letter: (Again, for my readers who haven’t read my privacy policy, I reserve the right to publish any email you send to my email address (hotmail one) unless you instruct me not to do it. Also, when I publish any email, I will NOT include email address, unless otherwise noted in your email).

Dear Mr. Wang,

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Blessed 2008!

We have read your Blog and we enjoyed and appreciate the information/life stories you had posted. In particular, we are impressed by the information you shared on the Z5 TRain from Beijing – Shanghai as we are planning to make a trip to China in early March 2008. Hence, we would appreciate your advice on the followings:

  • Weather in Beijing & Shanghai in early March
    What are the clothing we should bring – thick winter clothing or just few sweaters? We are traveling with a child of 6 years. Is thermal wear for kids necessary?

Generally speaking, Shanghai is still pretty cold in March. Although Spring is coming, it may still be like winter. This year, for example, we are expecting freezing weather at the end of Feb, and even snow. This year in Shanghai is particularly cold. So, definitely bring your sweater, and other cloths to keep you and your family warm. Beijing is even colder than Shanghai, since it is 1000 km north of Shanghai. Hope the Weather section of my blog gives you more detailed, and more personalized feeling about what the weather looks like during March (especially the Spring section).

  • Hotel in Beijing & Shanghai
    We are considering staying at Harmony Hotel in Beijing (Suzhou Hutong) and Holiday Inn Downtown in Shanghai – could you advise if these are good choices (considering that we would like to go locals as much as we can i.e. taking MRT, buses instead of joining local tours)

I don’t know about Harmony Hotel in Beijing, but I know Holiday Inn is pretty good. Not sure which one though. The one near railway station is not that good, since it is very crowded nearby. The one in Xujiahui is much better.

  • Places of interest/Shopping
    Could you please help us to list where are the places of interest for us to visit?
    Shopping – is there a wholesale centre where we can get things are good prices for children’s summer clothings and accessories?

For attractions in Shanghai, I have about 100 articles in the attraction section. I am not an expert in Beijing (and don’t want to pretend to be).

  • Z5 Train versus Bullet Trains
    We are impressed with the article on the Z5 train from Beijing – Shanghai. But we have been told about a bullet train. Do you have any idea on the pricing/schedule etc. Do you think a 6-year old child would enjoy the train experience? We would certainly appreciate and grateful for any other relevant information that you could provide so that we can better plan our holidays and have a memorable trip this March.

    Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.


    Sally Teo Singapore

I would suggest you to take the bullet train – it is newer, faster, and takes less time. However, as a traveler, Z5 is still attractive since it travels at night (leaving Beijing at night and arrives in Shanghai in the morning) while the D (Bullet) train travels at day time (10 AM to 9 PM). Choosing the Z5 train also means you save both time and one night cost of hotel. I believe your kid will enjoy the train, although 10 hour trip may be too long or boring for any kid. For the other information, if you want to invest the time, there are 2000 articles on this blog about this topic, and you can use the navigation menu to walk around in this blog.

P.S. I would appreciate questions that are new and never covered, and would appreciate questions that are specific. To be honest with you, a big portion of emails I got is basically one question: give me some suggestions about my trip to Shanghai. I am willing to help but I guess the 2000 articles help more than an email response.

5 thoughts on “Advise on visit to Beijing & Shanghai

  1. Thanks a lot for the answers. That’s useful for me as I’m going to have a trip to Shanghai in March.

  2. Dear Mr. Wang,

    I am planning a trip to Hangzhou in June taking advantage of the free airfare given by Air Asia. From Hangzhou I plan to go to Huangshan. Please advise what is the best mode of travel?

    Thanks and best regards


  3. Since there’s no aieline or train from Hangzhou to Huangshan, I suggest you take train to Shanghai. And then fly or take train to Huangshan from There. If you want to travel by train, N418 is the best choice, it leaves at 22:30 and arrived at 10:00 the next morning, taking abt 11 hrs.

  4. My friends laptop computer needs to be shipped from Beijing to Wuhan.

    What options are available.

  5. Dear Mr. Wang,

    My husband and I (55 yrs), would like to visit Beijing in Summer, we also would like to see the chinese Wall and from Beijing we would like to go to Lhasa. I have heard that there is not only a train there, but also a bus, which one do you think would be better to take? We certainly would want to travel by day, otherwise we would not see anything of the countryside. Could you advise us about the weather in Beijing, would July be better or September? (My husband cannot have holidays in August). Also, we do not know anything about Hotels. Could you tell us something about Hotel Standard in China please? We don’t want to stay in a hostel but we also do not want a 5 star Hotel, however, we have no idea about the standard compared to European standard.

    I am very grateful for your answers. Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


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