Readers Wanted for TV Interview

I just had wonderful meetup with the producer, Zhu Xiaoqian, and Reporter & Editor, Coco of talk show program – Culture Matters of ICS. I am happy to join the program this Friday and talk about blogging. They are all wonderful people, and passionate about the expat and foreigner/vistor community in Shanghai. BTW, if you want to send feedback to ICS (International Channel Shanghai), you can leave comment under this blog entry, and they really read!

Image in courtesy of ICS

The program Culture Matters is on ICS from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday, and it is in English. It gets started from Jan 1, 2008, and is getting larger audience since then. To serve the expat community, I think it is a good idea to be part of the program. The filming will be on Friday this week, and maybe on air some time next week or so.

Help Needed

Coco wants to arrange TV interview with some of the readers of this blog – Wangjianshuo’s Blog, to get your input about the blog. The short interviews will be put into the 30 minutes program during the show. They are seeking for volunteer who are in Shanghai, and a reader of this blog, and who are willing to share their comments.

If you are interested, would you please drop an email to jianshuo AT or simply comment under this entry, and I will forward the mail to Coco. They will contact you to arrange a time and location that is convinient for you (Thanks Coco for being so kind). I would appreciate your participation and longing to see on TV what you say about my little blog.

So, share what you think.

16 thoughts on “Readers Wanted for TV Interview

  1. Really? If it could be watched on the Internet, that would be so great ! This helps a lot for those who want to know better about Shanghai and China.

    JS, about your program in ICS, I will be waiting :)


  2. @Jian Shuo – I would love to have participated, but although I’m back in Shanghai today, I fly to Malaysia tomorrow morning to speak at a conference and won’t be back to Shanghai until 10:30pm Friday night – very disappointed that I cannot participate!!!

  3. @AussiePB, I guess they are OK in weekend of the next week – there are enough time from now to the finish of the filming. If you want to participate, that will be great. Maybe I can ask Coco to help to setup time.

  4. Great!

    You are so popular and really so helpful!

    I have read your blog for a long time! Before going to China 2 years ago and now, even back in Mexico city and planning to visit or go back soon hehe!

    I would like to participate but I think its not enough by sending it through email haha!

    Well, all the best! Success! And thanks once again!

  5. @ Coco & ICS (and Jian Shou) :)

    I’ve been reading Jian Shuo’s blog ever since I thought I might be moving to Shanghai (from the U.S.). Jian Shou is so honest and friendly, his “voice” is one that can be trusted. It’s kind of him to share his life with everyone. I enjoy the blog because he acknowledges different viewpoints while sharing his own. Now that I live in wonderful Shanghai, his website is even more informative because I am able to learn more about my city’s culture and life, which I might have otherwise missed out on because of language barriers. Really, his view on the world is what I find the most interesting as well as everyday life in Shangahi (i.e. his conversations with taxi drivers). I’m happy for his popularity and success and hope it will continue!

  6. Thank you Jianshuo and thank you Mimi for your support. Culture Matters is a new show. The team keeps learning and improving. Hope it can bring understanding across different cultures.

    Personally, I’m passionate about cross-cultural communication. There have been ups and downs in my own experiences meeting people of different cultural backgrounds during the past few years. But I told my self to stay open and positive. I hope people can be patient and considerate when misunderstandings happen. And many times, people need to think outside the “box” from various angles to fully grasp a matter.

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