Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is not a native Chinese holiday at all, but in China, especially in Shanghai, people won’t miss any chance to celebrate love, thanks, or just for fun, as long as there is a related holiday.

Me? The same.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Wendy

For this V Day, I planned really early. I started to grow rose last May in the garden. It is just outside our window, so we can see the rose grow everyday.

I am happy that in Jan, the rose start to boom, and have sever really nice flowers.

Look at the flower outside my window!

I agree it is not that beautiful, but I watched it everyday, and thinking about cut it and present it to Wendy during Feb 14.

I also pray that the flower is still there are one month.

The miracle is, after one month, the flowers are still there – although just few, but they are still there.

In the last week or so, I often joked to Wendy, and happily bring her to see my rose, and promised that I will send a rose to her during the Valentine’s Day.

Cut the Flower

So tonight, I cut the flower and gave it to Wendy.

At least, I have a rose on V-Day.

Hmm… Both Wendy and I regrets for a while after the beautiful rose is on our hands. When it is on our hands, it is no longer outside our window. Wendy said: “You really should leave the beautiful flower on where they are, and so we can see the live rose everyday.”

Hmm… Maybe she is right. But….

Photo of the Rose

Now the rose is on my table. Sorry for cutting it off from where they belong to. Their life may end quickly, instead of being there for another month. Why didn’t I have this kind of feeling for any other flowers I bought? Look, they are beautiful, isn’t it?

I also brought home some “professional” rose, because I don’t want Wendy to feel that I just want to cover this day up with a cheap (or zero cost) rose.

But now, I do feel my relative ugly rose is more expensive than the “professional” roses.

Anyway, I hope Wendy is happy with all the arrangement I made. (Of cause, this includes Yifan – who enjoyed tearing the wrap paper of the rose a lot).

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Wendy and Yifan! Your roses are perfect, Jian Shuo — both the home-grown and the “professonal” ones. And I think that those lillies (the long pink blossoms in that bouquet) must smell very wonderful! The rose in your garden is very similar to one of the roses we have planted as well — I will think of you when ours starts to bloom :-)

  2. I like the rose in the garden better than the “professional” roses. I like to get something different, like tulips, to celebrate Valentines Day.

    Much love to your whole family on this day!

  3. WOW!!! So special gift! Especially, it has been preparing one year ago. You really a great man. lol

  4. The roses you grew are more beautiful and I think they are really valuable because you took time to make them grow, you took a lot of worries to make it happen and you had the most beautiful spectacle just by your window!

    continue growing them and dont cut them hehe. =)

    We have to learn this lesson sometime, it’s more valuable what we do with our hands that the “professional” things we can buy with money but no real feelings behind most of the time.


    Wendy and Yifan should be very proud of having you hehe… A wonderful parent as I saw in your eating-orange-pictures and now with your wife, so lovely!

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