SHA to SFO Air Tickets are Cheap Now

I frequently receive promotion from Northwest Airlines. Their price is pretty cheap!

Look at this one:


Basically, they are saying that

Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou to Tokyo round trip: 1750 RMB or 245 USD
Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou to LA, SFO, Seattle, Portland round trip: 2690 RMB or 377 USD
Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou to New York, Chicago, and most of other cities in North America: 3650 RMB or 512 USD.

Isn’t that cheap?

7 thoughts on “SHA to SFO Air Tickets are Cheap Now

  1. Amazing prices! Are they round tickets? Or only single? jeje

    Anyhow is wonderful, since I have been looking for tickets the other way around are quite quite more expensive, three or four-fold!

  2. OMG, the ticket for my mom last summer is about 4 times this price…so disappointing I can not go back during spring break, visa issue:( em~thinking about invite my mom to visit again~

    THX jianshuo, great info.

  3. I don’t believe these prices are the final price one will pay. Usually the advertised prices are deceiving as they do not include the different taxes. If someone is serious about taking a trip to any of the above destinations, he/she should go on Northwest’s website and plug in the flying dates and see how much the actual fare would be.

  4. Okay, for the heck of curiosity, I just went on and put in some date in early March. The cheapest fares come to RMB5,030 inclusive of taxes and fees. I don’t know what fare code these fares are at and if passengers will accrue mileage from this fare.

  5. hey thanks for the helpful blog!

    What do you think is the best website (English or Chinese) for searching for international flights originating in China/Shanghai. My favorite sites like Orbitz don’t support flights originating here, and using Ctrip and Elong you have to call in to get the quotation.

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