Crazy New Year

This is the craziest new year I have ever experienced. Just to list a few.

  • It is snowing. Crazily heavy in Shanghai – the heaviest snow in recent years. Looking outside our office – I feel I am in Beijing.
  • No railway station. From today to the Spring Festival, many stations have stopped all ticket selling. No ticket at all.
  • Highways closed. In provinces like Anhui, all highways have been closed because of snow.
  • No electricity. Shanghai’s storage of coal to product electricity has been left for only two days, according to media today. What happens after two days when there are not enough electricity in Shanghai?
  • Things get expensive. Due to half million people waiting in the train station, someone are selling boxed meal at 10 times or higher price.
  • My friends in office called people who have ticket. The price as been 3-4 fold, from 300 RMB to 1000 RMB, and increasing.
  • Snow caused the most important railway line – Beijing to Guangzhou line – broken for 20 hours. People with tickets cannot leave the city.
  • Many airports are closed. No aircraft have left or arrived since then.

Disclaimer: I didn’t personally see the facts with my eyes except the Shanghai snow. I rely on the sources in news in this article, and those sources are not always reliable.

9 thoughts on “Crazy New Year

  1. My wife’s sister has been ‘stranded’ in Guangzhou for several days trying to get home. She is not in as bad a situation as some others perhaps as family is less than a 20 minute car drive away.

  2. a friend sent me one pic of the snow in Shanghai today and it only appeared to be a couple of inches on the ground. the street looked freshly plowed and was clear.

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