Backed Up All My Documents

Before I install Windows Vista tomorrow, I want to back up all my files on my Drive D.

My rule of file management is always:

  • Reinstall Windows system every two months.
  • Reinstall all software again.
  • Backup my all my documents during this time

I bought a new 60G Mobile Disk with USB 2.0 Interface. It costs me 470 RMB (I know I over paid but I didn’t have too much time). It has a HITACHI 60G Disk with a SSK disk case.

Volume in drive E is Jian Shuo Wang's Mobile Disk
Volume Serial Number is 108C-60BB Directory of E:\
01/22/2008 02:03 PM 2007
0 File(s) 0 bytes
1 Dir(s) 61,669,658,624 bytes free

Hopefully, I will have full back of all my docs every year.

P.S. A New Tooth

Just found out I got a new tooth in my month – pretty painful. I am expecting my son Yifan to have his first tooth, and finally, I got one.

10 thoughts on “Backed Up All My Documents

  1. Considering the need to re-install an operating system every two months doesn’t really positively demonstrate the capabilities of the operating system, does it? :)

  2. 1. Reinstalling an operating system every two months does not seem to be a good behavior to me. I have been used XP on my notebook for about two years, and everything is just running fine. Is your machine really slowdown after two months usage?

    2. I paid less than $100 for 500G USB external drive (WD My Book), which I think is a better deal than yours. :-)

    3. My son got his first tooth at 5-month. What a cute tiny tooth! I bet Yifan will have his first tooth soon.



  3. Jian Shuo

    That seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me. Does your hard drive and operating system get badly corrupted after 2 months of internet use? If so, I believe you should check into a good spyware and malware cleaner such as Spyware Doctor to help keep your system running smoothly.

  4. Listen to Sun, switch to Ubuntu. When I got my PC loaded with Vista it took me a month just to figure it out. It was horrible. Look me a day to switch to Ubuntu on both of my machines. I wish I would have done it earlier. PC can not run 24/7 without issue.

    Food for thought ;)

  5. After I started to use google docs 1 year ago, I found I don’t need to backup any document when I reinstall the system.

  6. @Kalagie: 3,5inch hard drive is much cheaper than 2,5inch

    Why don’t you put the personal files on a different partition/harddrive? Makes reinstalling much easier.

    Besides that: I also regret every day I let pass by befor switching to mac, but that’s OT ;-)

  7. Agree with you: backup my documents every year;

    last year, I have lost my computer, and lost all of my documents, it is awful.

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