Photo Needed for Olympic Ceremonies

According to the official web site of Beijing Olympics 2008, Photo ID and personal information needed for Olympic ceremonies ticket buyers.

Credit: Beijing 2008


Below is the information ticket owners have to fill:

It seems gender, birth date, mobile, telephone, email, mail address all all other personal information IS very important for the committee to host a successful Olympic.


If the ticket buyer fail to go to the designated places to submit their forms in person or via a trustee, they may not be able to attend the ticket. Mail is not accepted. It takes too much time to get a ticket for Olympic.

My 2 cents

It is hard for me to tell my reaction to this requirement.

On the negative side, it is a simple solution to complicated problems again. They may also require you do all kinds of silly things, as long as this can make their job easier. It is just as many easy solutions to complicated system, the inconvenience of ticket buyers is not considered at all.

On the positive side, they are at least doing something to fight against speculative ticket reselling, or many other problems. Although this may not be the best solution, it is at least a solution. Any way, unlike Hukou System, it is not mandatory. Then it is OK, that people still have the freedom to give up the ticket if they really don’t want to go…

On privacy, even if I trust the authority to have the good intention to protect the personal data, I do doubt their ability. Well. It is not just for Olympic Ticket Office. To enforce protection to the sensitive data is a big challenge many commercial companies facing. Typically, governments are often even slower than commercial companies.

BTW, Beijing Olympic is going to open on August 8, this year.

3 thoughts on “Photo Needed for Olympic Ceremonies

  1. Are you going to the Olympics? I wish I could but I don’t think I’ll be able to return back to the US in time for school if I do go…

  2. You need to fill in your personal information to the bank when you apply for a credit card or a debit card, and do you think it is much safer than the Olympic Ticket Office? Everything you do wont be absolutely safe. Why do you have so much complain to the Olympic Ticket Office? I thinks they do the right! Any other better suggestion can you give them?

  3. heyy guyyzz..justt wanttedd 2 sayy..well d0nee t0 da Olympiicss and GO COOKiiESzz..iI LOVE yyhu..

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