Snowing Huangshan

Wendy got back from her trip to Huangshan. She went there with her team in a team building event. It snows heavily in Huangshan, and she was very cold there. The good thing is, she took back some great photos of Huangshan in snow.

Photograph by Wendy Fan

Photograph by Wendy Fan

Photograph by Wendy Fan

Photograph by Wendy Fan

Photograph by Wendy Fan

Photograph by Wendy Fan

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is pretty near to Shanghai, after the Hangzhou – Huangshan Expressway was completed. It takes about 2 hours for bus to get to Hangzhou, and even less time to get to Huangshan from Hangzhou.

Wendy got bus in Shanghai at 5:00 PM and arrived in Shanghai around 11:00 PM. Please remember that it was in the worst weather condition, and many sections of the high way were closed. You should take 4 hours at most.

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18 thoughts on “Snowing Huangshan

  1. Well on Sunday there was snow, but just in the air. Coming to ground it was just cold water…

    In Germany last year (Hell, 2008.Time is running by) they had white christmas but not of snow but because of glazed frost. Well the outcome was similar ;-)

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous scene!! I went there last May when the weather was very warm, so it’s a big change. What I’m curious to know is whether the trails would be very slippery from all those snow. If some of the snow was melted and then refreez, the narrow steps could turn into icy patches. Another thing I wonder is if the indoors are adequetly heated. Many of the buildings in Shanghai are not heated, so it feels just as cold indoors as outdoors.

  3. These are great photos. It looks magical in the wintertime. I went to Huangshan in November and thought it was beautiful then. Many of the trails seemed dangerous when icy because there seemed to be plenty of room to slip between the chains of the railings…I felt there were some precarious places where either the steps or the stone trail were pretty slippery. But maybe when it is snowy and not icy it is fine. Anyway, glad Wendy made it home safely!

  4. How picturesque! This is what I love about China; the quiet, elegant, gorgeous sceneries. Would love to visit again.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, hope I could watch a paradise on earth like this but i dont freeze hahaha.

    I’m amazed about the beauty of the pictures and the Huangshan region, China is ready to show us different images, all of them amazing in every season…

  6. Yes. It is very beautiful. Meanwhile, it is very cold there. Wendy simply hang up my phone because she felt her hands were so cold and didn’t want to hold her mobile in hand.

  7. Hi Jianshuo, I’m a bit confused: “Wendy got bus in Shanghai at 5:00 PM and arrived in Shanghai around 11:00 PM. “. Did you mean to type that she got in Huangshan at 11pm? :)

    ps: I love the gorgeous scenery; wished I could tolerate cold weather to take my first winter trip to anywhere! :)

  8. hi, nice photos!!! i love it very much.

    anyway, i m from malaysia . i m planning to go huangshan on the january 2009, the purpose go there is to feel the snow juz like what wendy took from the pictures. But i have been told by the travel agency that they can’t guaranty i can see the snow on the winter time.

    i feel so dissapointed. so hopefully can get ur opinion from u there.

    Is that true?

  9. Hey, I’m from Malaysia too. I plan to go HuangShan end of December 2008, heard that its gonna be very cold and I have never been to any place with winter season. Anyone have any idea whether its a good season to go on December? Thanks….

  10. I won’t say it is the best season to visit Huangshan, but there is no reason to postpone or change the time to visit – Huangshan is completely different in many seasons, and you always have to visit the mountain for many times to see them all. I went there for three times, and each time, I was not lucky enough to see the mountain – it was always froggy or raining.

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