Video about Shanghai

Paul Merton posted nice video about Shanghai. Obviously he did much better job in editing and narration then me.

The video is uploaded in July 2007, and I already see there are many changes in the landscape of Shanghai since he took the video half an year ago.

5 thoughts on “Video about Shanghai

  1. Through I haven’t there yet but I am REALLY sure I would do the same thing as Paul Merton did when he was in the hotel, it really feels like a drop of water that keeps falling falling falling…… ^0^


  2. I recommend getting the series from your favourite site for such things … it is an excellent look at China. And Paul Merton is always an amusing chap.

  3. Yes. It is obvious that Paul Merton paid serious effort to record his trip – he must have take extra steps (like film from both inside an outside, and from many directions to record the same trip).

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