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Back from Feng Xiaogang’s new movie – Assembly. It is a great movie. It is may be one of the first movie in China to pay attention to the individuals, to the lives in the war. This is very rare in the history of war movies in China.

In this movie, the point director wants to make seems to be "Every life is valuable, and deserve respect." That is very good point. Solider’s life is not something as romantic as leaders "heroism". Death is death – cold, crucial,  and full of pain.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a movie to really look back and cut deeper into the war, and help people to understand what war really is. Although it is a big step for people in China to pay attention to solid’s life of red army, I am looking forward to a movie to memorize the lives lost on the KMT side of the war.

In this movie, the 47 lives were remembered, and honored, but when can history show some respect to the "lost of countless lives" (using the words to describe the contribution the team made in the movie) on the KMT side. They are also lives, and should also deserve respect. It is the war that we should fight against, not human lives.

Thanks Hengge to invite me and Wendy to the movie.

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  1. The other side should not be called “KMT side”. That should be called “Nationalists side” or “Guojun side”.

    “Guojun” is not “Guomindang Jun”. “Guojun” is short for “Guomin Geming Jun”.

    It’s unfair to classify the soldiers served in “Guojun” as on the KMT side.

  2. I recommend the movie, 鬼子来了, by the excellent director Jiang Wen. Not sure if you have seen it, but it is really good =)

  3. Hello, my name is Sandro Palma, I live here in Brazil, small city near São Paulo. I am very ansious to watch this movie. Please where I can find it? When it will arive here in Brazil. Is it available in the web?

    Many thanks,


    Sandro Palma

  4. Spend my Christmas and New Year in Xiamen and caught this movie there. Reminded me of “Saving Private Ryan” …. another block buster war movie. The sacrifces soldiers make, the heroism, the suffering and cruelty of war brought a tear to my eye. Enjoyed it it very much.

    I think Feng Xiaogang’s is one of China’s better Directors. Enjoyed this movie much better than Lust Caution which was really more of like a Hong Kong Cat 3 soft porn.

  5. I have seen it !!! I could say the best war movies with its battle scenes. We have never been exposed to the other side of the army but the western armies (Except ‘All Quiet in The Western Front’). Them (western) depicting their foes as savages for blood but this movie have a diffrent story to tell. They are as much human as the western armies are. My respect to the Chinese Red Army.

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