Winter Arrives

Shanghai enters winter these days. It is very cold and chilly outside. Visitors to Shanghai, please bring enough cloths with you. I feel frozen this morning.

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I am experiencing Hotmail connectivity problems these days. Anyone encountered the same thing?

7 thoughts on “Winter Arrives

  1. hi!

    what do you suggest we bring when we go to shanghai this january? we come from a tropical country and we have no idea what to wear. do you think it will snow this january? thanks so much. i hope you can answer as soon as possible. thanks!

  2. @blimpi, it won’t snow in Jan, I think. Although no one can predict weather, Shanghai typically won’t snow in winter – there are some snow in the past, but generally it won’t, especially a warm winter like this year.

    However, do take some cloths that keep you warm. Shanghai is not very cold – should still be near or above freezing point, but it is wet in the winter, so it is still pretty cold here.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Shuo Wang,

    I would be going to Shanghai this Saturday… 19 Jan 08.

    Since it’s my first trip to Shanghai and in winter. Appreciate your advise on what I should prepare for winter apparel.

    I only have normal jackets and windbreakers and a light scarf. Would that be sufficient or I will definitely freeze? haha…

    Do I need to include thermal wear/ long johns and heavy trench coats/ gloves?

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi luckymandarins, you may need to buy more stuff. These days, Shanghai is really cold – I have put on all the warm cloths I have. A normal jacket does not work.

  5. Hi Shuo Wang,

    I’ill be going to Shanghai on 18 Dec 2008. It’ll be my first trip to Shangahi, wonder what would the weather be?

    Thanks :)

  6. thought of planning a family trip to shanghai jan 09 with 2 children?

    any suggestion for the children? thermal,coats,gloves and sweaters, will that do?

    as an adult, i wouldnt worry cause we know how to take care of ourself, but not for the children : (

  7. Hi,

    Am going to Shanghai with my family (hubby & 7 yr old girl) for 10 days. I prepared long sleeve t-shirt as base as can’t stand the wool long john, after a layer of wool long john, a sweater (cotton thick type) and a 100% polyester knee length coat. Do you think this is sufficient or we really need a down coat? Would appreciate your kind advice as we are travelling next week already. Kindly email to Many thanks and blessed day.

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