Humble Adminstrator Garden in Suzhou

This is maybe the third time I visit the Humble Administrator Garden. This time, I am with the fellows of Young Leaders Forum. We also have the wonderful (temporary) guide June Mei. She was well know by her interrupting work for American and Chinese top leaders. For example, Present Hu’s Yale speech, or many times of Premier Zhu visited U.S. (We had another high-profile ex-interpreter Rose Zhu joined us in the YLF in Nanjing). June knows Chinese architect and history well, and helped me to understand much better of the garden.

Here are some photos of the Garden. Due to the weather, it appears not as beautiful as it should be.

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  1. Hi, JianShuo, thanks a lot, for this fine travel- photos you have token. I setted a link on my site to shown it here.

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