Ashish Gadnis

Chatted with Ashish, my new wonderful friend tonight, and we talked about my blog. I said, as a gift, I will devote a special page for him, and hopefully, when you search Ashish Gadnis in Google, this page should be the first result. Then, I can post more information about Mr. Ashishi Gadnis on this page – like the handsome photos or other great things about this great person.

Ashish, if you saw this page by any chance, drop me an email.

5 thoughts on “Ashish Gadnis

  1. It still keeps second by the time I check it out, but checking first one it didn’t show up anything in my PC, while second, which is exactly this, sounds pretty quick, hm…………



  2. Thank you for your kind words my dear friend Jian Shuo. You are simply amazing! It was an incredible experience being in China for the past one week. It was my first time there. I have to admit I am still in a trance with China’s beauty, history, food, my ability to bargain and get great deals, economy and above all the kindness and generosity of its people. All my expectations very exceeded beyond my imagination. My Chinese friends (they are now my family) we so kind and awesome. Special mention to Haisong, Jian Shuo, Rose, Zenna, Alex and Ming – who took time out of their day to day lives to make me feel at home. I have a whole new level of love and appreciation for the Chinese culture and its people. Thank you. I know that this is the beginning of a life long friendship and many many trips to China. Peace out!

  3. Haha, Ashish, you finally saw this page. Now, it is the first result of Google for your name and the 7th result in Google for Ashish (out of the 4 million results).

    Hope you love the gift and again, I am so happy to meet you in Nanjing. Your two rules of hiring – curiosity and courage are very helpful. I am happy to have a life-long friendship with you. :) Stay in touch and welcome to put more comment on my little blog.

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