Movie Lust, Caution. Good!

Went to see the movie Lust, Caution. Very good movie. Highly recommended. However, it may be very hard for people who don’t know the recent Chinese history to understand it.

6 thoughts on “Movie Lust, Caution. Good!

  1. You mean you went to the Cinema?

    Better avoid going to see this movie on the Cinema in China….

    As the “recent chinese history” made the gov cutting lot of minutes of the movie.

    The pirate DVD version should at least not be censored.


  2. @885, Yes. I went to cinema to see the movie. There are many cut – I didn’t see the original version yet, but I know there must be some cut since sometimes it seems confusing and something obviously get lost in between. Anyway, it is a great movie.

  3. Yeah, wode pengyou saw the, uh, unaltered version in Hawaii, and apparently there are some “strategic” scenes that remain in there. ;)

    It’s just an outstanding film anyhow, no matter what the version. Ang Lee really is one of the great directors of our generation, easily on the level of some of the best American directors and possibly at the level of some historical greats as the French directors like Truffaut and Godard, even Fritz Lang in Germany. He has an Academy Award and I still think he’s underappreciated.

    He and Zhang Yimou are both among my favorites and I hope they keep up their excellent work. They’re just naturals at creating brilliant scenes.

    BTW, I posted on this topic of software (free or commercial) to interconvert between pinyin and Chinese characters, for both reading and writing in a professional, technical context (since we are increasingly having to read and even write in Mandarin for our engineering research articles):

    Was wondering if anyone had suggestions for this, thanks in advance.

  4. You should see the original version of the movie, in China not only the part involved the war time puppet state is removed, but also about 7 mins sex scene is missing. The China version is about 20 mins lighter than the oversea version.

  5. Regrettably, Ang Lee, IMHO, made a masterful movie but not a masterpiece. Too much hype over the naughty “bits” of Tang & Leung to highlight their seductive tension & dance. I saw the entire “unadultered” version in HK but felt nothing but an amusing 7 minutes of sexual acrobatics. He should have focused more on the reasons why the mysterious character of Mr. Yee from an idealistic Whampoa Military cadet into the unscruplous puppet-government turncoat.

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