The Topic of This Year’s YLF

The topic of this year’s Young Leader Forum is: Challenge.

After I got the exciting invitation for Young Leaders Forum of National Committee on United States-China Relationship. Haisong was a member; Bo Shao is a member; so was Robin Li. I am looking forward to the great meeting in Nanjing at the end of November this year.

So far, to prepare to the little presentation with the theme Challenge, I am thinking of this topic:

Choices in a World of Different Rules

I am still thinking about how to structure this presentation.

At the same time, I want to ask, if you are going to do a presentation of 15 minutes about the topic: challenge, what would you say?

P.S. The YLF will start from Nov 28, 2007 to Dec 2, 2007, with an extended trip in Shanghai. I don’t know where the next year’s U.S trip will be, but it should also be great..

1 thought on “The Topic of This Year’s YLF

  1. With respect to China and the US, I feel that we are at a key moment where the foundation of a very positive future can be laid, or alternatively, a darker scenario could play out, where each country, pursuing self-interest in a fearful way, can create a dynamic that will increase poverty, inequality, and competition for global natural resources. Its clear that you are very insightful into modern Chinese culture/perspectives and modern American culture/perspectives. This is your gift to share with this group (and us readers!). Use this gift in the following way: encourage us (and your summit colleagues) to invest 3-4 hours a week on a social,political,economic issue of their interest related to China-US relations, and to think about how to best address this issue starting with their own efforts. Follow the steps outlined by Bill Gates in his recent Harvard commencement address. You can help us identify some of these causes that can help increase understanding between US and China on an individual basis. Each of us have a small sphere of influence, but together we can make a big difference. I look forward to your guidance and advice on this as a reader, and wish you the best with the conference.

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