World Financial Center – Part III

From where I live, the new World Financial Center is already obviously higher than the Jinmao Tower

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

It is completely different view from this photo, which was taken at the foot of the tower.

Tall buildings only gives you accurate sense of which is taller when they are observed from far away.

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4 thoughts on “World Financial Center – Part III

  1. Hi Neighbor!

    It is amazing how fast they reached the top.

    It seems as if we have the same perspective. I know you live close by, but from the looks of your picture we may live in the same compound. Stop by for dinner sometime!

  2. @JSW, I am at Shanghai Green Town on Dong Xiu Rd/Jin He Rd. Close, but not the same place. The view is similar though. Do you know when the building will be open to go to the top and get the view?

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