In Beijing – Love Beijing

If at the time of Olympics, Beijing’s weather is the same as today (I assume it will), and traffic is like today’s noon time (I assume it will), it will be fantastic place for the game. You got what I am saying? Beijing is very beautiful today with high visibility in air, and there is almost no traffic – my car didn’t stop fast running from airport to Tsinghua area for just one minute.

It is said that two months before the Olympics, most of the factories near Beijing will be paused, so the air quality should (pretend to) be better.

Beijing is the place for Internet companies. Lot of resources, and lots of ideas. I met more N (Intuition type in MBTI test) in Beijing – who are optimistic about technology’s future, and more intuition driven.

Shangri-la is a great hotel. They built a new wing. As always, I get two big red apple, and one small green apple, and a written welcome letter by their general manager. The pity is, every time I stay in Shangri-la, I don’t have too much time to sleep. The big bed does not secure enough sleeping time. 1:30 AM now. I think it is the time to go to bed.

I hope Yifan does not wake up at night, so wake Wendy up.

9 thoughts on “In Beijing – Love Beijing

  1. Hi Jianshuo, I happen to be in Beijing for a fortnight stay of business travel. You are right, yesterday was a great day, and also today, I saw very blue sky early in the morning(7:00AM), I barely saw that at the same hour in Shanghai, BUT it’s also the best season in Shanghai in my opinion.

    I shopped at 星光天地last night, great shopping and dining experience, and I did see lots and lots of fashionable girls in town, you barely see any attractive ladies on the street of Beijing(except for Sanlitun area), because it’s said they all drive, they don’t walk, but it appears to me they only walk in the most dazzling shopping malls like this.

    Nice journey, Jianshuo!

  2. Hi Jian Shuo – the Shangri-La at Kerry Center?… always where I stay when in Beijing – very nice indeed!!

  3. Hello!Mr Wang.I am a freshman.I an studying in Anhui University.I like English very much.I am very admired of you.You are so “strong”!You write English blog,you help mang foreigners know our country.

    The 2008 Olympic games will be held in Beijing.I thing have no chance to gou there.I like spors.Such as table-tennis and badminton.I want to communicate with you to improve my English.I wish you can give me some suggestions.

  4. I’m going to Beijing next month. Want to ask how much it would cost from the airport to the China Center in the CBD by taxi, ie a fixed fare or by meter? Thanks!

  5. hi,

    from the beijing airport to the china center by taxi,it cost 40 yuan RMB

    (about $5).

    chaoyan district is not far from the beijing airport.


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