Zhangjiang and Downtown

This morning, I am in Zhangjiang (Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park).

Zhangjiang is a hi-tech area. Although it is still far from any other hi-tech park, it really have the potential. Many hi-tech companies are moving in, especially software, IC, and medical companies.

The tower of Zhangjiang Maison is a great building. In terms of hardware, it is even better than most office buildings in Puxi. For example, the Zhangjiang Maison is equipped with double layer glasses. Besides that, they even have double outer walls – there is air layer of 10 cm so air con is more effective in this building.

The other world-class building in Zhangjiang is the German Center. The center was managed by a German property management team. There is a nice German restaurant in the tower 1 of the building. That gives me an impression of Germany in China.

This is German Center from the sky:

Most of the parking lot there is free, and the parking in German Center is 3 RMB per hour – which is almost free for me who am used to 10 RMB/hour price.

Then when I drive to Puxi (Xujiahui Area), I feel that I am completely in another city.

2 thoughts on “Zhangjiang and Downtown

  1. Have you noticed the FedEx Kinko’s in the first floor of German Center? It really brings a lot of convenience~ I like German Center except the parking fee~ Given the low traffic in German Center, I guess the parking fee they collect can not even cover the cost for parking adminstrative staff. So why even bother to collect?

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