Visited Jinmao with Parents Today

It is nice holiday, and I visited Jinmao with my parents. Unlike most tourists who pay 70 RMB to get to the crowded top (at 88th floor), we visited my favorite cafe at the 56th floor of the tower, which is also called “bottom of the Great Well” by myself.

If you want to see the Great Well, you can check out my blog entry here: The Great Well in Jinmao Tower. (For visitors in China, you need to find out a working proxy to workaround the Great Firewall to see the photos on flickr)

We didn’t take camera with us (maybe intentionally, just to enjoy the time there), and if you want more pictures, maybe you can check out Jin Mao collection of my Photo gallery . (The photos listed were not taking by me. Credit was given to their owners)

Here are two of the many photos:

Photograph by Batya

Photograph by Batya

I am happy to be there with my parents – after thinking about for a long time. My parents are the type of persons who enjoy saving money. The “luxurious” orange juice was a surprise for them, but a pleasant one. I really should show more about my world to my parents, who spent so many years helped me to step into this world and had showed their best part of the world to me in the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Visited Jinmao with Parents Today

  1. when I was little , I never noticed the precious of the parents,even wanted to leave them .but these years,this felling is absolutly different,I will miss them exteamly,once I mention them ,my tears will come up

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