Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro

To prepare for a video conference call tomorrow morning (early in the morning), I started to use another WebCam. I don’t remember how many webcam I started to use and abondoned (lose them, broke them, or simply lost drivers so they didn’t work).

They have a nice 12″ Desktop Stand for use when not on the go!

They have a carrying case too. I don’t know where should I put it yet. I am pretty sure that the fate for this case is getting lost soon.

Sign. I used a New WebCam, Again!

There are two things I don’t enjoy. First, to get a new pair of glasses. Most of the time, my glasses are thicker than the last time. This is typically un-recoverable.

The second thing is to open the package of a new web cam. I don’t know how many webcam I have. 10? 20? or more, but I don’t have one that always travel with me, and more importantly, I didn’t use them so often. The famous saying or the infamous saying is: “Cannot find something in your home? To buy something is always quicker than looking for it”. I am in this bad habit.

P.S. I was asked to use NetMeeting. OMG! Is there anyone still using this application? It is the first time I know that NetMeeting uses H.233 protocol and can directly connect to hardware equipment like Polycom…

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  1. Were all your cams Logitech? Cause I think I noticed a decrease in quality over the last couple of years. I used to be a loyal logitech customer but since last year I refuse to buy anything from them until I hear better things about their quality again. Hope the recent crisis doesn’t make things even worse, because I’d really like to switch back to Logitech. The design and the functions were always first class.

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