Different Views of the Same Thing

When I write every entry of my blog, especially on controversial topics, I am perfectly aware of angle really matters, and different people see exactly the same thing can tell completely different story, as in the story of Blind Men and the Elephant.

I just saw a small piece of video at the beginning of Sasa’s talk at Ted Conference. That 29 seconds black and white movie tells a very good story about why angle matters. So let me share with you.

I am a big fan of TED, and I have an ambitious plan to view all the TED conference content in the next few months.

9 thoughts on “Different Views of the Same Thing

  1. This reminds me of a recent poll that showed nearly half of the American population still believes that Saddam Hussein had strong links to Al Qaeda. It certainly shows how purportedly independent media can be skewed by factors such as “patriotism” and Rupert Murdoch.

    Let’s hope Rupert doesn’t do the same thing to the WSJ.

  2. Hi, Jianshuo

    It is really a good talk website what I never know it before. I think many people with imagenation mind will like it also. Thanks.

  3. @Herbert, I only know Saddam Hussien among the few names you listed. That is the difference between people living in the states and those who don’t (like me). :-)

    @Yuping, Yes, TED is very inspiring.

  4. @Herbert – you have seen evidence of no links between Saddam and Al Qaeda? I’d be interested in your proof. There is still enough circumstantial evidence and paper trails to support the theory.

  5. Jian Shuo:

    If I had to rely on the media in my country, I’d probably have come to the same conclusion as AussiePB :)

    The fact is, whatever country you’re in, you should always be sceptical when it comes to the media. Fortunately the Internet provides a great way of verifying stories that you read in the paper or see on TV. Unfortunately you guys in China have that thing called the Great Firewall, but it is still possible to either search in English or even better, get yourselves a web proxy!

  6. @AussiePB, If what u have said is right, Where is that nuclear or some powerful bombs which USA was claiming before they declare war on Iraq? We too are interested to see that proof.

  7. @Rishi – I commented on the link between Saddam and Al Queda posted by Herbert. I didn’t say anything about weapons of mass destruction – this is a different issue. I’m not sure why you have asked me this question?? Maybe ask someone from the USA your question if you’re that interested.

  8. @Herbert – hi, just to finish this discussion off, and since you also use the internet for verification of facts, please find this very interesting report, which unless I can see evidence refuting the many sources, I just cannot disbelieve that there were no links between Saddam and Al Qaeda… I am a very open-minded person, and am always inetersted in world events – I do not hold any bias one way or the other on this.

    @Jian Shuo & @Rishi – I hope the GFW let’s you get to this article, because it certiainly offers much strong (and perhaps even conclusive) evidence from other sources than just the USA in regards to the this topic raised by @Herbert… like I said – I am opened minded on this issue and would be interested in evidence refuting the claims…


    Kind regards,

  9. Its alaways a funny thing to see, when it comes to the media, bias of the broadcasters or gfw, the fox and rupert show up.

    AussiePB: Being pushy might help to feed Your ego, but it wont help You to learn/accept the other ppl’s opinions/views. As to the logical side of Your discourse, please note th difference in difficulty of proving something does exist and proving something does not. Generally speaking, because of this difference, if You cant prove something does exist (connections of mr. dictator to organization), You should silently assume it does not exist, its pretty much the same as proving the weapons or labs were there or they werent (in the root one of the very basic rules of logical inference applied in law and science).

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