Baseball Game (San Francisco Giant v.s. Arizona Diamondbacks)

Andrew shared two baseball tickets with me and Ginger (The whole VOX network is not accessible from China, so you need to find a good proxy, or Tor), so we went to the AT&T Park to watch my first real sports game in America. Here are some pictures. With the help of Ginger, I finally understood the rules a little bit. It IS a slow game, but interesting to me.

9 thoughts on “Baseball Game (San Francisco Giant v.s. Arizona Diamondbacks)

  1. Wow, if that 9th picture was taken from where you were sitting, I think it must have been almost exactly where we sit when we go up there with friends who have some season tickets. I will have to ask them if they know Andrew!

  2. What did you think of the stadium? No matter how good or bad the game is, I always think a trip to AT&T Park is nice because of the pleasing architecture and beautiful scenery in China Basin.

    As for the game of baseball, I think one of the most enjoyable parts of the game is precisely because it is slow. Instead of having to be constantly entertained by the players from start to finish, you can sit and relax at the game with friends, chat in between pitches, eat garlic fries and enjoy the environment. very relaxing for me…

  3. Hah! The seats we have been in are on the same level, Gate 208 J1 & J2. You were just a little closer to home plate which is perfect. I was thinking it would be a great coincidence if our friends happened to sit near your benefactor all the time, but with a whole section in between them they probably have never crossed paths.

  4. @Sean, exactly. I think being slow is the attractive part of the game that people have more time to talk with each other – a movie or basket ball does not allow people to do that. I did enjoy the stadium – a very nice one – with the view to the bay and to the bay bridge (Thanks to the great seats I had during the game).

    Yes! I know what Garlic Fries this time. That is good – the whole stadium smells like Garlic Fries, which is the key elements of the game.

    @Carroll, yes, we were close enough. We had wonderful conversation with people sitting on the left side of us (which is maybe J5, J6) who are retired policemen, and they are hardcore baseball fans. They told me a lot about the rules of the game (Ginger and I often turn to them to confirm something).

  5. I have learnt to play the bassball in our sports class.It is a little difficult to remember the rules at

    the beginning.We were getting better and better as we played more and more.These days i am

    very busy, and i don’t have much time doing sports.

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