Visit in Six Apart

Last Tuesday, I visited Six Apart, the maker of MovableType, my favorite blogging software. I have a lot of friends there. Let me show you pictures first.

Thanks Ginger for taking the great photos for us.

Chris and Me

Photograph by Ginger

Story behind the picture.

I know Chris with introduction of Andreas, who worked for BV Capital at that time. Chris was the CEO of Rojo at that time. I admired him a lot because his early company Red Herring (Red Herring started from his parents’ home in Woodside, CA, according to Wikipedia). We talked a lot last time and when we almost finished, he introduced companies nearby, and he mentioned Six Apart. Then he gave Ginger a call and shortly we appeared before the entrance of Six Apart. That is how I turned out knowing my friends there. With the later acquisition of Rojo by Six Apart, Chris came along and joined Six Apart.

So, Chris is a long time friend of mine, and I own big thank you to him.

Below. On the left front is Barak, CEO of Six Apart.

Photograph by Ginger

Below. This is the 5 year anniversary cake Ginger and MovableType team prepared for me. They are so sweet, and I enjoyed the nice chocolate cake very much. It is both beautiful and delicious.

Photograph by Ginger

Below. Look at this picture. On the left is me (I am gaining weight. I know!), and in the middle is Anil Dash, VP and Envanglist for Six Apart. He is now in New York. I red a lot of entries of Anil on MovableType blog. He is an amazing person with exact the kind of character a community influencer need: engaged, helpful, sharp. I regret I didn’t have enough time to spend with him during the trip. On the right is Ben Trott, the founder of Six Apart. I didn’t see Mena this time, since Ben and Mena’s baby is expected to arrive very soon.

Photograph by Ginger

Below: Brad Choate. I know him first from the great plug-in he developed, before he even joined Six Apart.

Photograph by Ginger

Below: Me chatting with Ben, Chris, and Andrew (who was so kind to share the expensive best-seat baseball tickets with me and Ginger).

Photograph by Ginger

OK. That is all for the photos.

It was to my biggest surprise that the MovableType team had a celebration party for me when I arrived. I didn’t expect that. Ginger showed me a post on Six Apart’s intranet that says: “Cake at 4:45 PM”. Maybe that is a surprise for the team members. I am very happy to meet them again after my last visit in 2004. 3 years flies and the team is doing very well.

On behalf of the MovableType user community, I’d like to thank the team for the great product they developed. I am a happy user of MT.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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