Trip Progress: Wake up Early in the Morning

Alan de Botton is right. When people are traveling, they sense the world in a much more sensitive way. Like me, during travel, I always have more to blog.

This time is about jet lag. Everyone has its own jet lag pattern. I have my own. As I slept well last afternoon, and fall asleep immediately after I got to bed yesterday at 12:30 at mid-night, I wake up for the first time at around 4:00 AM. The second time I wake up, it is just several minutes to 6:00 AM.

I feel this scene is so familiar to me: early morning, and it is still dark outside the window. It is very quiet although cars passing by the window one by one. It is the Hamilton Ave. They are only identified by the colors of their head and rear light, not by shape.

I said I don’t like planning, but this is purely software – I mean the mind, but for the hardware, I mean the body, it still strictly follow a plan, and wakes up or fall asleep at its own pace, isn’t it?

OK. This is a day full of meetings, so let me go downstairs to get my breakfast. I do feel hungry now.

P.S. Somebody said muscle memory lasts longer than mind memory, and a typical example is to recite a poem or learn to ride a bike. The feeling of body can easily draw us into history if we have ever had the same feeling. Let me: It is for sure that I will feel very hungry at noon time when I arrive (like yesterday) and very hungry at this morning. This all seems so familiar to me.

I am coming, my bread and banana.

3 thoughts on “Trip Progress: Wake up Early in the Morning

  1. Do you miss your son and wife very much,jian shuo?

    The technology is developing so quickly.Nowadays the people live a great distance away can see each other’s face and hear each other’s voice using the video telepone,or network sofeware.

    But like the song “go back home and see usually”(常回家看看)sings,all the parents would like to see their children in their faces.

    I haven’t been back home for about half a year.I miss my parents.

    Enjoy your breakfast.

  2. @ericNo1, yes, I do. That is the reason I want to keep travel as short as possible and call once or twice a day.

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