Heading to San Jose Tomorrow

I am heading to San Jose tomorrow. Just checked the weather and found out it is only 14 degree to 23 degree there. Pretty cold compared to Shanghai. I have already packed some shirts into my package.

Tomorrow will be a long day – I am going to stick to the same day of Sept 6, 2007 for 24 + 16 = 40 hours. From the perspective of a human being, there is no difference – I just wait for the time to pass by, but from the calendar and time zone perspective, it is not wrong to say the day was extended. We see how different using different views of the same thing. Isn’t it interesting?

Tomorrow, the direct flight from Shanghai to San Francisco UA858 will bring me to SFO, and when I arrive there, after the long trip and at about 0:00 AM Shanghai time, it is just a normal Thursday morning before 9:00 AM. When I drive my car from Avis to the highway 101, the rush hour just finishes, and most people started their day in their office, and no one will notice someone just completed 4000 miles journey and appear on the highway. Thanks to travel that give me the sensation of what is going on that normal people in normal life won’t feel. That is the beauty of travel. Is there any way to keep every day as fresh as Sept 6 for me? I didn’t find a solution yet, and suspect that my energy can be easily used up for all kinds of “new things” in my old environment.

Anyway, in the next few days, don’t trust the time shown on this blog since the time is Shanghai time, and when I write it, I am following the Pacific Time.

6 thoughts on “Heading to San Jose Tomorrow

  1. Have a good time there.

    I wish you everything goes well in USA.

    It is a little cool in Guangzhou now,but i still wear short slveeve shirt and pants.

  2. The weather was a little odd yesterday around San Jose. All other days for the past week have been about 18-30 degrees C, and it looks like today and the next couple days will be the same. Might take a while to get down to 14-23 C, so be sure to bring some t-shirts. :)

  3. Have a nice trip! and look forward to your pictures, I know that you take nice ones, and I’ve always loved the angle you choose to define the views and also portraits.

  4. @DKwan, I saw your message at airport and immediately regret that I didn’t check my comment section earlier. I brought three t-shirt, but not as many as I expect for the seven day trip.

    @caroline, I will take as my pictures as I can. I love to take pictures. You know me..

  5. good to know that you are on your way to sfo again, it is 9:00pm wednesday here in san francisco, windy, foggy, cool weather here.

    take care, and I am sure you will miss your Yifan at home.

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