Yifan is Exactly 2 Month Old Today

2 months ago, Yifan joined the family and today is exactly 2 months for him.

I remember when he was just born 2 months ago, when we were still in hospital, my favorite question to ask him is: “Little boy, how old are you?”. I guess if he would have been able to answer this question, he would have said: “I am 7 hours old now.”. :-)

60 days past so quickly that I even barely have time to record the time I am with him. Yesterday night, for example, he wake up and Wendy and I spent a lot of time to make him sleep again (to be exactly, Wendy did the work, and I watched). At 6:00 AM, I wake up (or was waken up) and mixed some milk for him. He only need to add one cup of milk now.

He grew taller (60 cm now), and heavier (6+ kg), and changes almost everyday. Since I go to work in the day time, and every day when I get back home, he seems to change a little bit to me. Now he start to be able to communicate with others with his sweet voice – hmmm… a…. o….

Congrats Yifan! You are two month old now.

10 thoughts on “Yifan is Exactly 2 Month Old Today

  1. What a proud father! This past two months must have been the most wonderful piece of memory in your life, all the joy of being a proud father and all the hope of the future, so sweet. Congrats!

  2. Congrats!

    I have a little baby too. He birthed just 3 days later than your Yifan:) You did an excellent job to share your happiness as a father. I like to see your blogs about baby, because most time I have same feelings with you. How amazing when you watch him growing up… Wish you joy!

  3. gengmao, congratulations to your baby’s birthday too. Fathers share some common feelings, so I feel your happiness too. @caroline, yes, it is great month and there are great memories in the last two months. To see the little boy changed from very small to relatively bigger (still small now) is wonderful.

  4. Time travels so fast – congratulations!! These days should always be cherished.

    Our baby is due on 10th September (about 5 weeks away now), and the doctors are telling us (based on measurements in the womb) that we should expect quite a very ‘tall’ son. It’s such an exciting time right now, and I have advised work that I will not be able travel for at least 3-months after I arrive back to Singapore from India next week.

    It’s going to be extremely interesting to see how our son looks (cannot tell on ultrasound), with the mix of Shanghainese and Australian genes… many people are waiting to see the pictures :D

  5. did u just release new version? in firefox, on the home page, the synopsis section is overlapped with Previous Headlines section.

  6. @Joyce, do you still see the problem? I am using Firefox, and the homepage looks OK for me. What did you see? Does refresh helps? You may also use Ctrl+R to force complete refresh.

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