What is the Most Sticky Topic?

What is the most sticky topic on this site? Or to put the question the other way, what is the keyword that brings a visitor and the visitor stayed on this site for longest time?

Using the data from Google Analytics, I created a table here. Let me show you some of the top visiting keyword:

4 thoughts on “What is the Most Sticky Topic?

  1. Most of the popular topics are about travel. So I have a question

    about travel too. You flew to Hainan Dao a few years ago. We would like to go in November, fly from Shanghai to Sanya, then from Sanya to Beijing.

    Will the flights be very expensive? How far in advance should we book the tickets? We are planning to arrive in China on November 2, but not go to Sanya until November 22. Isn’t it much cheaper to get the tickets in China than to book the trip from the U.S.? Which airline did you use? Are tickets still one way so that we will have to get to Sanya to get tickets from there to Beijing?

    I’m looking forward to taking the new fast trains from Beijing to Nanjing and then Nanjing to Shanghai. How much in advance should we book train tickets?

    Thank you for your blog. Although I do check the travel entries, I enjoy the blogs about your own life the most–naming your baby, going to IKEA, having a garden, etc.

  2. how far is the hangzhou airport from the train station in town (assuming one comes from Shanghai by bullet train) -how much time should be allowed to get to catch a flight, as example? what would the taxi fare cost?

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