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Thank you for spending time on my “little blog”. I hope you enjoy reading the articles.

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jianshuo at hotmail dot com

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The best way to contact me is via email, but if it is important or urgent, you can also reach me via:


My mobile phone is +86-13916146826 (you need to add your own country’s prefix to dial out of your country)

Don’t forget that I am in Shanghai, at time zone +0800. Please check the current Shanghai time before dialing.


Anybody still uses postal mail? If you do, here it is:

Room 1808, 55 Guangyuan West Road, Shanghai, China 200030

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34 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Your posting “contact me” is back dated… we are in the month of Aug 2007 now. time flies… your last posting still dated July 2007 :)

  2. hello,sir my name is damian lucky i live in lakemont georgia

    presently in nigeria for the purpose of my company over there.i do sells

    merchandise…..electronics and wears…..i saw your product and i like

    it….and i will like to be ur agent do u ship to nigeria if u do ship to

    nigeria i will be very happy and greatful……my company Damian lucky NIG LTD




  3. Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

    Do you know where in Shanghai I could change coin money to paper money?

    I have a lot of coin monies, like 1 yuan coin, about thousands. I went to ICBC bank but they don’t accept it, they don’t have machine to count coin money either? Do you know where I can find machine to count coin money too?

    In the US, at Commerce bank, they have machine to count coins (quarter) and change to paper money for free. I think there should be place like that in Shanghai too.

    Thank you and best regards,


  4. They don’t change the coins to paper for you? Really? They should provide that service. There are banks charging people for counting coins, but free for individuals. I have no experience about it, but I believe there must be some bank that can help you. Maybe I will talk about it later when I personal encounter the problem or check the bank, and be back with you to see if I can help you.

  5. Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    The bank can change the coins to paper money for me, but they only accept a small amount.

    I have many coins, could be about 5,000 coins, I can’t sit to count that much coin, and people at the bank can’t help me either, I have to find a place with the coin counter machine? Do you know where I can find one? Any bank branch with a coin counter machine?

    I only keep paper money in the wallet, it should be lighter and easier to carry that way. So everyday going home, I took the coin out of the wallet and put them in a box, now that box become a bit big, I want to change them to paper to save space. I guess everybody has a box of coins at home too.

    Thank you and best regards,


  6. i have recieve a massege that i won 500.000.00 $ us , and the money is found in ICBC BANK of china . is that true ???

    please i need your help

    thank you for your time

  7. were can i buy cheap gym shoes and clothes and can it be ship to were i live in the usa in the state of il, and if so were our your web page so that i can order from a phone number to were the store is located at and the name of the store. thank you so much.

  8. Hi, Mr Wang, I’m a freshman of using Movable Type 4, but I have blogging for a long time(since 2002). I like this style for MT. So, could you please sharing it with me?

    And later , I will send a email to you.

    looking forward your reply.

    Many thanks.

  9. 我想请问以下你知不知道,一些讲英语的外国人的QQ号码,我是个中学生想教几个外国朋友好练习英语,请你给我讲一下,谢谢

  10. Then would you please tell me how can I get in touch with some native speakers of English ,I would appreciate it verymuch ,thank you

  11. To 黄蝶(中国) ,i advise you to leave a message in foreigners’ blog,the link of which can be found in comments.There is maybe email or MSN there.

  12. Hi Wang Jianshuo!

    I just happened to come across your blog by accident this afternoon. Now I totally understand why your blog is so popular. It is really wonderful indeed; you keep people all over the world up-to-date about recent events in China and its most rapidly growing city Shanghai, you provide help to so many people from everywhere in the world who have questions about China, Shanghai or other things. And you are even so kind and candid to disclose your private contact details to allow readers to contact you to ask you for support on any kind of issues. And you’re doing all that despite having a tough and time-consuming full-time job. There should be more people like you! Thank you for your outstanding commitment!!

    There’s one question I’d like to ask: I’m considering buying an apartment somewhere in Shanghai – not a luxury apartment, just a nice place to live (~100-125 sqm 使用面积). It’s widely known that there are hints of a bubble in the Chinese real estate sector, particularly in Shanghai. Pudong seems to be hardly affordable already, even in price segments far below the stratospheric levels of condominiums such as the Tomson Riviera. However, there are certain less developed districts that may benefit from recent development plans such as Nanhui District where apartment prices are still affordable while slowly moving upwards. I’d be interested to know if you also think it might be advisable to purchase an apartment in an area currently underdeveloped, but likely to advance significantly in the near future. To be more precise, I’m alluding to a location such as Chongming Island. I believe it’s a good idea to grab a piece of the cake as early as possible when prices are still inexpensive before the area arrives it’s final stage of development and prices reach their peak. For example, I assume apartment prices on Dongtan will be affordable at the beginning, but will gradually grow over the long-term. Would you generally agree with me, or am I on the wrong track? What do you suggest in general if someone asks you for advice on real estate purchases in Shanghai.

  13. @You Long, Wendy (my wife) knows much more about real estate (because she is interested in this topic), and I will try to do a little interview with her to post the result online as an blog article later. It may take some time, though.

  14. Thx a lot, Jianshuo :)

    I’m already looking forward to reading that interview. And of course, just take your time – there’s no need to hurry.

  15. Hello!

    I have a question and am not sure if this is the right place (on your website) to ask it.

    How do I subscribe magazines in China? My family and I have had always read several magazines a month and magazines are very inexpensive in the US.

    Are there any good family- or parent-oriented magazines (either in English or Chinese)? What about school-aged kids’ magazines? What magazines, if any, do Chinese children read?

    Thank you!

  16. hello. u might be able to help me contact pu dong airport. i came from china just this morning oct 6, my flight schedule was at 00:00. I charged my celfone at the gate 17-18 of the airport and left it. By any chance some personel may have gotten hold of my fone. its a sony erickson p900i. ive been trying to get hold of the number in podong but have failed. you may be of big help. tnx. please respond on this e mail add.

  17. Hi Jian Shuo,

    I was wondering if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to update your old article on prepaid GPRS sim cards– I will be visiting in a month or so and more current information would be greatly appreciated, especially if you could tell me if there is a difference between regular China Mobile prepaid SIMs and those that are GPRS-enabled, as well as if it would be difficult for someone who does not speak or read Chinese to activate a data SIM card for a phone.

    Much thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide and keep up the great work with your blog!

  18. Hello,

    I am about to go to Hong Kong and stay with friends, I have bought a ticket return from there.

    In the meantime I wish to spend about a month in China, I know I will wish to go to the trade fair in Old Canton next week, but I have been trying to find out how much flights and trains tickets are internally within China.

    Each site that I have visited on the internet wishes me to book the flight before letting me know the costs. Can you give me a rough guide as to how much it would cost to travel in and around China?

    I understand the cheapest accomodation is normally via hostels and is around £20per night, is this correct as well and or will I suddenly find that this is unrealistic. I know in Thailand this is a normal price.

    Kind regards,


  19. @Rowan, you asked a very broad question, which is hard to answer. Let me just share the Hostel. £20per night should be enough for hostel. Youth Hostel in Shanghai only cost 60 – 100 RMB.

  20. Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

    I love you blog. I often visit Shanghai Daily page and your blog to get more information about Shanghai, beside going to Xujiahui.

    My name is Mike. I am looking for a place to study Chinese in Shanghai in the Weekend?

    Do you know any big university or even small education center who offer Chinese courses in the weekend?

    Thank you and best regards,


  21. Dear Jian Shou Wang,

    Firstly thanks for your blog. A lot of good information.

    I worked and enjoyed China for about 10 months recently. I live in USA and would like a friend to come visit me.

    It seems Visa process in Shanghai even by your own experience is difficult. I am still not sure about fiends

    experience or visa applicastion issue but sounds like not easy to get visitor visa from china to visit USA.

    Do you have any recommendation for us?

    Many Thanks


  22. hello! I’m studying English now. Can you help me look-over the following paragraph to see whether them are flowing. Thanks!

    Write Forestall The Red Mountain– The Origin Life

    If we assimilate the five thousand years’ civilization of china to a letter, the 60 hundred million years’ geological history of the earth can spread as a great magnum opus of 1.2 million words.

    At present, the Himalayas is still rising. In the latter two thousand years, the tumulus groups in Xi’an were covered 1mm loess annually at average. The nature’s uncanny workmanship keeps on operating. The young life blend with the aged.

    The life gestated in the primordial ocean, thereafter, as the alga that rush to the coast and during the period of acclimatize them to the life of land, they evolved to naked ferny plant. Then the life started to lie over the earth. After the plants, the animals debarked. The animals evolved from fish to the amphibian animal, from the amphibian animal to reptile, then the reptile divide into the bird and the mammal.

    20th, Nov, 2007

    To be continued

  23. Hello Mr Wang!

    I found your website very interesting, and I noticed you help people with their problems. I am teaching in Beijing. I found your site because I wanted to buy coffee to brew at home and I stumbled across your description of your tour of starbucks. Do you know if these Starbucks sell coffee to make at home, or do they just sell prepared coffee? Is there one near to Changping? I am on Fuxue Road.

    Also, I want to buy a paperback English Chinese Dictionary.

    Finally, does anyone know a good website to learn Pinyin?

    Thanks for help and your terrific blog!


  24. Hi Mr. Wang — I’m not sure if the first letter posted.

    Briefly, to recap, I noticed your Beijing Starbucks tour.

    Do you know if Starbucks in Beijing sells coffee to take home and brew, or only prepared coffee to drink?

    I’m in Beijing, in Changping, on Fuxue Road.



  25. Hi Jian Shuo.

    I will be going to Shanghai this coming December 28.. and i will be arriving PVG around 11:45PM if there is no delays… i think there will be no other public transport to hotel around that time other than taxi.. the issue here is.. i will be going to Beijing the next day via Z train probably…

    I have been doing my research on this matter for a month now and i finally bumped in to the HOURLY HOTEL PVG has inside the airport… but there are limited inforation about this hotel especially on the registration and check in time… etc.. It would be good if you can provide some details about this…

    This will be the best if i could check in in this hotel even for just few hours to rest.. so that i can move around Shanghai more the next day on my way to the station…

    Thank you very very much! You’re website is really a big help for fist timers like me. :)

  26. hi jianshuo

    Is the Shanghai Maglev Train still running for airport how much i wonder?

    thanks you

    i enjoy the blog and photo







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