Pre-Paid GPRS Sim Card in China

Problem to solve:

Visiting China for a short period of time, and GPRS is critically important.


After you arrive in China (don’t need to worry about it. There are soooo many sellers about the SIM card at airport or at hotel), get a Shenzhouxing pre-paid SIM card from China Mobile. With the card, you have immediate access of GPRS (nothing is needed). However, be very cautious that the default plan is very expensive.

Check the GPRS Package from China Mobile, and choose one that is good for you. I would recommend the 20 RMB for 50M traffic plan. Then call 10086 and ask the operator to adopt the plan for you.

Then enjoy your GPRS!

19 thoughts on “Pre-Paid GPRS Sim Card in China

  1. How is CMCC customer service if a foreigner calls in there? Can we get GPRS plan activated using English or should we learn to ask it in Chinese?

  2. Hi. Thank you very much for your precious info.

    When did Shenzhouxing SIM Card start to support GPRS? On many web sites people are saying that GPRS is not available on Shenzhouxing SIM Card.

    Actually I myself bought Shenzhouxing SIM Card in March this year and at that time data communication was not supported. Any idea?

  3. Could someone post the settings necessary to enable China Mobile GPRS on a cell phone? Thanks.

  4. Can you tell me which package / mobile operator has the best rate (per minute) to call in any number in Shanghai?

    Is there any mobile operator not charging for phone calls received from oversees?


  5. Hi Jianshuo,

    I am making a phone call from Thailand to my friend in Shanghai. How much will he pay to receive phone call in Shanghai? Only local fee? Could you please confirm? Thanks!

  6. Hi JianShuo,

    The subscription fees that you have listed ( as example 20 RMB for 50 M traffic )

    is that the monthly fee and how do I pay for it?



  7. please need any body that know how to configure zain wap manually on china phone please can any bod help me

  8. I am taking some M2M equipment with me to demonstrate to a Chinese company on the mainland. When I arrive in HK, what SIM card can I get easily that will support GPRS and what will be the APN, Username and Password I need to set.

    Any in formation would be much appreciated.

  9. I bought a Shenzhouxing Card directly from China Mobile today. They stated that it did not support GPRS, but through your blog, I assumed that it did. However, bringing it home, and trying to activate frustrated me quite a bit.

    After talking with many representatives, they all were firm on the fact that it does not support GPRS. Therefore, there isn’t a way of me getting PrePaid GPRS/Internet in China on my iPhone. :(

  10. I wonder anybody out there can help me to verify the charges by China Mobile GPRS roaming charges is reasonable.

    Recently ,I travel to Nanjin from Malaysia and use the GPRS roaming services with my iphone to download my office email in Malaysia while travelling.

    Yesterday ,I received the bill from my home country Maxis Mobile and the charges for this service at the rate of RMB0.10 per kB and further 10% surcharge by my home country service provider . Is this the reasonable charges ? I have enquire some friends in China and the feedback is about RMB0.01 per kB only for China mobile subsriber which is 10 times more expensive !!?

    Really feel cheated !!

  11. Super complicated for a standard service. I am in Xiamen and cannot get GPRS working even though the phone is having an active GPRS link. I have no idea how to activate GPRS. It should be active but is not.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I am Niranjan Nath from Naokata. I Used china Mobile sigmatel fxd s30. I nedd my mobile internet plz sent my hanset setting in my mobile. my mobile no is 9508111863.




  13. You can give China Mobile a call at 10086 to find out the setting for your specific phone. They offer English service.

    generally, the access point should be CMNET.

  14. Hi,

    thanks a lot for those page helps a lot!

    Anyway, it seems to me, that is not possible to reach operator at 10086, i always get a message “sorry, operator is busy now and we cann’t serve you at the moment… for previous menu press star or hang up” … WTF? Any other way how to set-up internet plan?

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