Name of the Baby – Part II

The dilemma (as Carroll put it) I am facing for the name continues. The good thing is, I still have time, but the more we think about it, the harder it seems to make a decision. The more you care about something, the slower the progress is, and the harder it is.

Wendy and I came out several candidate names. Let us share them here, and if you can read Chinese, let us know what do you feel about the name – let me do it just as a usability test.






54 thoughts on “Name of the Baby – Part II

  1. My favourite are 王乐凡 and 王子欣. The first one gives a happy impression and the second one is like the name of a prince.

  2. Have you considered any two-character names? How about 王罗, hehe. Or naming him after a famous person.

    Seriously, though, I like 王子欣. I just think it sounds nice.

  3. 王天哲


    I think I like these both, but you and Wendy have the first say!!!


  4. 《姓名登记条例(初稿)》规定 子女可按父母双姓起名

    內 地 10 大 流 行 姓 名

    1. 劉 波   130 萬 人

    2. 李 剛   106 萬 人

    3. 李 海   91 萬 人

    4. 張 勇   90.7 萬 人

    5. 王 軍   81 萬 人

    6. 王 勇   76.5 萬 人

    7. 張 偉   76.2 萬 人

    8. 劉 偉   72 萬 人

    9. 王 偉   70 萬 人

    10. 李 偉   69.5 萬 人

  5. 王乐凡。子欣像是台湾人的名字,有点女性化。纳言太直白。天哲没有乐凡好。逸凡是我一个同学的名字……

  6. 王乐凡 乐字

    王子欣 子字

    王天哲 哲字


    我更喜欢 王逸凡

  7. 王乐凡。子欣像是台湾人的名字,有点女性化。纳言太直白。天哲没有乐凡好。逸凡是我一个同学的名字……

  8. I generally agree with the rest of the people that some of the names are rather Taiwanese and a bit feminine, or the very least, lacks punch. What about 王硕豪?

  9. 王乐凡


  10. I iike 王乐凡 and 王逸凡,乐-一生快乐,逸-飘逸潇洒,凡-凡中出奇.呵呵!

  11. 直接叫 王子 吧。。。哈哈。。。又简单又明确又大。。。

    我还没有孩子,不过已经想好了名字,无论男孩女孩,都叫 白天 :)


  12. I prefer 王乐凡 (Wang Lefan)





    7-pronunciation (polyphone)





    7-pronunciation (with the letter Z)


    7-meaning (a straight meaning, too much for Chinese)








    7-pronunciation (Zh is harder than Z!)




    6-popularization (Many people have this name inculding one of my nephews)


  13. I like “王逸凡” better.

    “王” for the king

    “逸” for out of this world

    “凡” for out of the ordinary

  14. I would suggest considering something more upbeat. 建硕 and 文峰 are both good, upbeat names.

  15. 下午1时1刻为未初,”未”通”帷”,取”运筹帷幄”之意。



  16. Your baby is so, so cute… 王乐凡 seems like a very happy name…

    My wife (from Shanghai) and I are expecting our son on 10th September. We have had the same discussion around english names and chinese names – we have decided what both of the names will be now, but I agree with your comments around the legal requirement. For the record, he will have his english name on his passport and legal documents (which is a combination of an english first name and pinying of my wife’s family name as his middle name), but we have already decided on his chinese name also out of respect for both of our cultures. With all our blessings to you and your 小宝…

  17. ?? – Wang Lefan… ‘happy & wordly’ – where does love come into it?

  18. And also, i think 天哲 is not that lucky, think about it carefully, u can figure it out.

  19. 王乐凡: This name sounds way too “chinese” (yes, its perfectly normal since you are chinese) but it sounds very “lao tu” so funny. very “diao er lang dang”. Don’t choose this name.

    王子欣: This name sounds alright. It seems to symbolise your hope for ur boy and your happiness in having him join your happy family :)

    王纳言: This name sounds funny and I can’t explain why. Very chinese again and it sounds funny too.

    王天哲: Hem…very philosophical….(no comment for this name)

    王逸凡: Nice name. It makes him special. Thumbs up

  20. Someone suggested giving ur boy 2 words name and I strongly discourage you to even think of that. Its very “lao tu” X 10000000000 times and you risk the chances of having millions of other chinese having EXACTLY the same name as ur boy

  21. Hi Jian shuo,

    how many weeks of paid maternity/ paternity leave do you and Wendy get when giving birth in China?

  22. 王乐凡 is the best of them.

    As far as I know, the precious things in one’s life is he or she can enjoy his or her life happily. enjoying ons’s life has anything to do with how much money one can have but is an attitude. That’s easier to say than done.

    乐凡 can indicate an a state of mind, a way to look at the wrold and a way to look at oneself.

    I think 王乐凡 can best express parents’ wishes to their lovely child.



    乐可以理解为”快乐” 凡,我想,就可以理解为”在这个世界上”吧。


  23. 王逸凡,好名字!

    王子欣 is also a great name, but sounds a little like a girl’s name. “鑫”更manhood些。: )

    王乐凡,the only “problem” with this name is that “乐”字是个多音字。


    王天哲, sounds very heavy and serious.

    王纳言? 好象听不出有简单快乐做人、生活的意思。Serious and irrelevant.

    Plus, fan is also Wendy’s last name. So, at least should keep “凡”字吧?

  24. 恭喜,王乐凡也是我曾经考虑过的给儿子的候选名字,hoho


    王子欣 王天哲 王纳言 王逸凡 王乐凡

  25. I like the name ‘Wang YiFan’. The others are not so good. The two names recommended by cube316 are pretty good.

  26. I like the name ‘Wang YiFan’. The others are not so good. The two names recommended by cube316 are pretty good.

  27. Not for ads.I tried names of my friends and mine as well on or not, its statements some kind of like the fortune of them.So I suggest try these name to see the result, anyway, another reference maybe, or just for fun.

  28. I agree with Jennifer. Till now I still don’t know what “na yan” means and I assume thats how its should be pronounced? It sounds heavy and serious and hard to be pronounced by non-chinese. Yi Fan is way more classy than le fan (as it most probably will end up being pronounced as “le1 fan1” (happy upside down)……

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