16 thoughts on “Street Markets in Shanghai

  1. May I know where is this place? It is interesting, I would like to visit the street market in Shanghai. Thanks

  2. have you informed the pedlars that you was to show their photos on the net?did they agree?

    I’m sorry to ask this question,but i do scare that one day I happen to be in your photos when I’m working on the street ;)

  3. Joyce, it is a normal street – the Jin Xiu Road. You can find many such streets in Shanghai…

    Yee, I didn’t ask, since I thought this is the typical “street scene” instead of portrait picture. Anyone has different oppinions?

  4. Yee, did you ask the same to those parparazzi?

    According to freedom of press, people have the liberty to take any photo in the public areas and post it anywhere they like it unless the subjects in the photo for are used for commercial or defamation purpose.

  5. Thanks, JS. I have discovered a similar street market near Fuzhou Rd today. I will go there during weekend.

  6. JS, the same feeling with Yee. I do not want to be in any one’s picture without my permission, no matter which purpose he took picture.

    It’s very common question that everybody will face to. More and more cameras are on the stree now….

    Maybe you can rise up a topic about privacy, it will be a good topic.

  7. Dear Sir!

    My name is ELena Lybarskaya and I am an editor of a Russian magazine that is totally devoted to the east. I find your entries very interesting and would like to ask for your permission to publish some of them (specifically – the entr about the supermarket prices) in our magazine. I would really aprecciate your consent.



  8. The general rule in the United States is that you can freely record anything you can reasonably see from a public space. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in public space. So, I can take a picture of you from the street, but I cannot go into your yard to get a picture. Of course, that’s also trespassing.

    Илина, does your magazine have a website?

  9. today is Thursday, it is fine. i would like to visit this place, can you tell me where is the place, thanks!

    PS: by the way, where are you live in?

  10. So nice to see Russian letters

    concerning the website of my magazine: no, we do not have one yet as we are preparing the first issue and everything is “work in progress”. The magazine is an intellectual glossy, covering all aspects of lifestyles in the east as well a history and spirituality. It has appeared due to the fact that East, Orient or whatever you call it attract passion and interest now in Russia from a spiritual as well as contemporary (markets, fashion, gadgets, etc.) points of view.

  11. Very nice pictures. Maybe you could’ve used some b&w shots to capture only the “happenings” at the market (like in the picture of the woman pouring milk).

    greetings from brazil!

  12. i’m coming to Shanghai the next september, business as usually :(

    I know that Xiang Yang market is closed now, have you suggestions about new places where to find garments or make good bargains… ?

    Many people talk about the Tecnology museum in Pudong….is correct?

    Thanks mates

  13. Hi there,

    I do not know if you have ever heard of AVO:MARKET, a site dedicated to street markets around the world. But after reviewing your images, I highly recommend you check them out and submit your photos.


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