I Just Paid for my Second Year of Flickr

I just paid 24.95 USD for the second year of my Flickr Pro Account.

Flickr is a nice service. I am a loyal user. I love Flickr, and willing to sponsor them for their wonderful service.

Flickr is a good “free+premium” or premium service, isn’t it?

P.S. This is the typical way we navigate (at lease my navigation on) the web.

I want to check my 24 Hours on Flickr photos, saw the notice – 6 days to renew my account notice. Then reviewed the limitation of the free account, decided to renew, and then paid via PayPal. After that, I even wrote a blog (this entry) about the change. When I finish everything, I almost (just almost) forgot what I originally wanted to do – to check my flickr photos…

This is a very typical way we use the web – do a lot of things randomly…

1 thought on “I Just Paid for my Second Year of Flickr

  1. Yes, I agree with you completely. Web is a part of life. Sometimes we only enjoy it randomly, and not for specail purpose.

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