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4 years ago (Oct 22, 2003), I turned on Google AdSense on my blog. Oh! Time passes fast! I didn’t realize I have been using Google AdSense for almost 4 years, and that this product has been around for 4 years.

When I put my first AdSense unit to the page, I was worrying whether it hurt my users too much. I asked the question and answers (I, II) were pretty supportive. So I kept the Ad Unit on the right for the next four years.

Today, there is another change. Every month (April and May), I receive an email from Google that reads like this:

May 2007 Optimization Report

Dear Publisher,

Here is your optimization report for the month of May. After an automatic review of your sites, we think you might be able to improve your monetization using the following tips:

Placing more than one ad unit on a page often generates more revenue.

Many of your sites only contain one ad unit.

How can I fix this? Dismiss this tip.

We hope these tips are helpful, and encourage you to experiment using different layouts and formats–no two sites monetize the same way!


Google Adsense

It seems not a bad idea to follow their suggestion.

Added Google AdSense Component

So here is what I did. I added an additional AdSense component to the bottom of the page, on the right, just on the right of “Other articles in this category” section.

In addition to that, I added a Google AdSense Link Unit at the end of the “Other articles in this category” section. You can see the change on this page.

Your Feedback

As always, I don’t want to pursue the path to make it commercial – it is promising (as many wrote me email), but I don’t feel I will be happy doing that. My decision is still: keep it as a public service for visitors and expats in Shanghai. No money involved.

I just checked the result. It looks still fine to me – not that annoying, especially the Link Unit – I found the content is interesting even for me (I cannot click on it though).

So what do you feel? I need to collect you, my reader’s feedback, and then compare with the additional monetization opportunity it brings, then make a decision (maybe in one week) whether to keep it or to remove it.

Conditional Ad Unit?

I am still looking for the solution to display the ads conditionally. I want to completely remove the ads (both top and bottom) for newly created content (say, the latest one month), so my frequent visitors won’t see ads at all. If someone comes from a search engine, or the content is so interesting that someone browse the historical blogs, they can see ads there.

Anyone knows how to do it? Thanks.

4 thoughts on “More AdSense Code on Site

  1. It totally depends on u…whether u want all these add on ur website or not…but as a visitor of ur blog i have no problem at all…

  2. Jianshuo,

    I still do not get you. Your site is absolutely my favorite , I will check out your site time by time. Your site and all those articles are so impressing for me.

    I believe this site is not involved any money, that’s why I do not know why you pull Google into it. When I browse your site, I should be very, very caution to avoid clicking any unrelated hyperlink, like Google Ad. It makes me some kind of pressure.

    It’s definitely NOT what you want, I believe all you do is to make everyone causally, relax, right?

    BTW, when I tried to open Google’s Ad, it turns to “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. So what does this Ad do? i still do not get it neither.

    So PLEASE remove any AD at this site.

  3. Its your choice JS. Personally I think its fine that you have a few ads that help kick in a few bucks here and there to help youw ith researching some fo the topics you write for us. If the price i pay to read all this amazing insight and information is I have to deal with a few ads, no big deal. Nothing is free in this world so i don’t expect a free lunch. Helping prodie an amazing service with a minimum of distraction is fine by me. Please keep up the good work, ads or no ads, I will keep coming back.

  4. I just added these sites to the Competitive filter. I just get tired of seeing these arbitrage site appearing on my site. Hope this works.


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