Shopping Malls in Shanghai

This is a short guide for visitors who love shopping. There are many places you can go in Shanghai to buy stuff, from small fashion stores on some hidden streets, to large shopping malls. This article only focus on the later.

Raffles City

268 Xi Zhang Middle Road

I used to work there (the office building behind the Raffles City). It has Singapore flavor (as implied from the name and Capital Land, the developer).

Shanghai Centre

1376 Nanjing West Road

This is maybe the headquarter building for American companies. The Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel is in the middle tower, and office buildings on the west and east wings, and many shops and airlines on the lower shopping mall. Australia visa office is also there. They have nice acrobatic show in the Theater.

Super Brand Mall

168 Lujiazui West Road

One of the few big shopping malls in Pudong Area. There are many super market centric shopping areas – like those around Carefour, or Lotus, but not too much complex like the Super Brand Mall – with a lot of restaurants, theater, and shops.

Times Square – Pudong

500 Zhangyang Road

Times Square – Puxi

149 Huaihai Road

Xin Tian Di

123 Xing Ye Road

Besides the bar area, they also have a shopping mall on the south side of it, featuring post-modern small gifts, and toys.


1038 Nanjing West Road

Massion Mode

1312 Huaihai Middle Road

The flagship for fashion cloths. It has the reputation to be one of the most expensive cloth shopping malls in Shanghai.

Plaza 66

1266 Nanjing West Road

The party place for big names like LV.

CITIC Square

1168 Nanjing West Road

City Centre

100 Zunyi Road

Grand Gateway

No 1, Hongqiao Road

This is huge!

Parkson Shopping Mall

Huaihai Road

Something in Common?

There are something in common in all these shopping malls – expensive. Be prepared.

12 thoughts on “Shopping Malls in Shanghai

  1. All kinds of brands, from international to local. Most of them are famous brand. For goods with good quality but no brand, they can be found in smaller markets.

  2. “This is a short guide for visitors who love shopping.”

    We’re talking about women right? Women don’t need guides for shopping. They can find shopping places by instinct or by some kind of female jungle telegraph!

    It would be really helpful if you could provide a list of nearby bookstores, coffee shops, or even just comfortable mall chairs and benches where exhausted and bored husbands and boyfriends can wait for their shopping-crazy women.

  3. good bookstores aren’t as common in China as overseas, but I guarantee you, near these shopping malls (if not inside them) there is at least 1 starbucks and, in most cases 3 or 4!

  4. That warning deserves to be repeated: these malls are EXPENSIVE!

    From what I have seen, prices are significantly higher than in the United States. If shopping with the intent of actually buying things, Shanghai is not the way to go. Also, malls in Shanghai are eerily empty compared to the jam-packed ones in the States. Perhaps it’s because the target demographic of these upscale shopping centres is not very large yet.

  5. Thanks but I am more into bargain, lower end shopping expeditions. ” It is not what you wear but how you wear it” as C. Channel once said… Any good addresses ? Also, does Shanghai have stores that sell used cameras, electronic dictionaries etc ?

  6. In Thailand we have a place name “Money Melting Alley” place in the middle of Silom, a commercial and business center district. There are many luxury shops around it. But you can buy nearly same or the same as products, you find in luxury shop, by paying more cheaper in the Money Melting Alley shops. The reason why it is call “Money Melting Alley” because you will shop untill you forget leaving money in your pocket.

  7. Yes, I’ve seen many of these while living in Shanghai; I’d also like to know where the best bargains can be found, from a local standpoint… that the Xingyang market is closed…..

  8. How about the Toy and hobby things like action figure?

    Are there any place in Shanghai like Japan’s akihabara (Otaku’s heaven)?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  9. Hi,

    how about OUTLET MALLS?? which is better, the ZhaoXiang Outlets or the FOxtown Outlets? And which is nearer to the Pudong Area/ city proper of shanghai??


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