Helping Others with Hosting Package

I hate ipowerweb, so I moved to bluehost, but I still didn’t terminate my previous ipowerweb hosting plan yet. Today, Jackie asked me if I can help to settle a hosting plan for him and his friends – to do a group blog. I said “sure”.

The 6 Years’ of Difference

I am happy to help. Just imagine what I have (so little) and what I dreamed of (so big) when I was in university in 1995 – 1999.

I wanted to have a place to host my page – I got it in 2001, two years after I graduated. (Finally I got one with pure HTML storage, with no cgi. That is the reason I tried hard to solve problems like this and this)

I wanted to have a place with CGI access – I got it in 2003, 4 years after I graduated.

6 years late, a hosting package (maybe two) is not a big deal for me, but I know it can incubate great technical ideas. I do believe it. So I am so happy to help people to host projects on my server, for free!

That is the difference of 6 years. If we have a way to spend one’s money of 6 years in the future, it makes such a big difference.

My Imagination and My Ideas

I opened a note book when I was in university.

The first page was written on May 5, 1998. It started like this

Today, I found that provide free cgi space. This made me so exciting, and thus generated many great ideas. I turned over and over on bed and so excited that I cannot sleep. So I took my cloths, and went to the toilet. Under the weak light, I am recording these ideas, in case I forget it in the future

After this was 17 full pages of ideas. At the end of these ideas, I wrote:

… I keep writing and writing, and feel the sky is brighter and brighter. Birds are singing happily. After a while, I heard those students who spent their nights watching football are calling each other to go back to sleep. The No. 1 Teaching Building is completely quiet. When the cleaning Ayi came to work, I check my watch: it is 6:04 AM, May 7, 1998.
OK. I relaxed, and moved my shoulder and head. I am so happy today

I wrote continuously for the night.

After May 7, I kept writing about ideas, and now I have 73 pages full of different ideas. Some ideas turned into Google Analytics; some are like Network Disk; some like Web based MSN; some like RSS. On June 7, 1998, the idea is exactly – Podcast.

I didn’t turn any of the idea into reality, but I know the important of innovation, inspiration, and even more important – opportunities. So if any one in university come to me and say: can you give me some free disk space? I won’t hesitate and say “sure”. Because, the idea is 100 times more important than money. Just because I didn’t have the chance to try the ideas out, I wanted to help.

14 thoughts on “Helping Others with Hosting Package

  1. I’m moved by your words. I even can understand your mind,you are still keeping rich mood, the same as you are in the university. Wish you for ever young and happy:)!

  2. i can see your english been improved gradually,

    and many your inside feelings you can express quite detailed and vividly,

    thanks for your hard work explore such a place,let pepole turely touch your daily experince…

  3. I am shocked by your idears,ur thinking is diffrent from the others.

    wish you can keep such a mood in the future.

  4. JS, sounds great.

    What does it take to create a group blog, given it be hosted on bluehost, for example? Thanks.

  5. today i know you work in IT area, hehe

    i understand you totally, and like your spirit and thinking.

    Wish you for ever young and happy too :)!

  6. Personally, I don’t know too much about patent. Patent seems not well enforced in China. Legal system is not well setup yet, so patent is a joke for me. :-)

  7. Dear Jian Shuo Wang,

    I so so so much loved your websiye for the extensive information it has given me. Especially the satellite maps etc.. It actually felt as if someone is sitting beside me and actually explaining step by step how to reach this place and that.

    I came accross this site through google search of nantong city and usually i dont spend much time on any site, but i really got hooked on your site. I read so many experiences and got a feel of what Shanghai and travelling there is all about. I could relate so many experiences to my Indian ones especially the bumpy rides in the bus and the long queues..I also read your article expressing your wish to come to India..

    By the way, I am Vishruti from Mumbai-India.Basically I have got a job offer in Nantong- Jiangsu. I may come to China anywhere in April or May this year.. I was generally trying and finding out information to reach Nantong from Shanghai. Was trying to look what kind of a place is Nantong etc..I am also trying to learn Chinese by enrolling myself in classes since my would be boss said that english is not familiar in that part.. Also , on the internet I read that different kind of chinese dialects are spoken in different places so I got all th emore confused as to what I should be doing.. Will learning a generalised for of Chinese help? Also it would be very very kind of you to tell me abt Nantong, abt how safe is it in terms of living..I am a strict vegetarian and I dont even eat eggs , forget sea food chicken etc..

    You might be able to see that I am very nervous… I wouldnt have written this message , but I could make out through your posts that you are a very helpful person..So, can you please help me??

    Thanks so much

  8. The place is

    Sheng Jian Ind. Area,Waihuan Dong Road,Nantong, Jiangsu, China.

    Are there safe and good residential areas around this area?


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