Reset Nokia 6670

I sold out my Nokia 6670 on Kijiji yesterday, and will deliver the phone to the buyer.

Before I give out my phone, I used the following key to reset:


then enter

12345 as password.

Your phone will be reset as if it is just out of a factory. Everything including files, and your phone address is gone.

7 thoughts on “Reset Nokia 6670

  1. I may give you some other ways to reset NOKIA S60 series cell phones.


    密码12345—(just like you wrote)

    *#7370#=Total 重新设置了所有所有应用你安装前面(联系人姓名将删掉)

    *#7780#=Restore 出厂设置(主要重新设置) (联系人姓名不会删掉)_delete all~

    开机之前,先按”青(撥號鍵)”,”*” 和 “3”然后开机(要一起按)按的时候,不要放手。你会看到”formating”

    (this is another way to format your mobile phone besides type *#7370# and *#7780#)

    P.S.: if you forget your passwords, you can reset your phone in this way~


  2. I want to format my nokia6670 phone, but the * and # keys no longer respond. Pls any clue on how to proceed with the formatting.Tnx

  3. swith off ur phone and swith on with prees key(* +call key +3) and ur ur phone is formattind….

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