How to Advertise on this Blog?

A friend’s friend asked him to ask me (ha ha, weired) how can he put advertisement on my this. He is running an apartment broker service for expats at (disclaimer: I didn’t experienced it, and don’t know the quality. Try it out at your judgement, and share your feedback with others). Pretty fit the audience of this blog, right?

Here is my answer:

I don’t accept individual advertisement on this blog.

That means, I don’t want to accept any paid content on this site, except Google AdSense. On the Google AdSense part, I hesitated for some time, and finally I wrote this: Why I Added Google Adsense to My Blog on Oct 23, 2003, when I added it to my blog. I wrote:

Actually, I hate to bring the advertisement into this site, since I am passionate to provide more information about Shanghai and life here just because I love to do it.

This does not change after 4 years (OMG, 4 Years! since my first Google AdSense ad)

I received many queries about putting commercial advertisement on my site with pretty high quote (OK, at least higher than Google AdSense). I still don’t want to do that, at least in the next one or two years.

The reason is, if I accept payment for anything I wrote, I don’t feel I can be objective, and tell the truth. I know when I am accepting any benefit, “truth” may be different than I original thought, even without my own awareness. So the bottom line is, I don’t accept anything. If you ever sent me email, thanks for your inquire and your interest, but I don’t have plan for that.

I am still comfortable for putting Google AdSense, since it does definitely zero impact on what I write, or should I write positive or negative about something. I like that kind of feeling. I love to write to help people. If I feel I am writing for money, I may lose the passion to write, and may not enjoy what I write, and finally gave up.

I do give advertisement space free of charge, for example, last time to Dan Washburn, who is my good friends. I also mention some services, like because they are my friends (or friends’ friends). It is all for free. and I will let you know that. I value friendship and want to help my friends also. But I want to make it clear whether I mention it because I personally experienced it and recommend it, or it is just for a friend.

P.S. If you do want to do advertisement…

If you do want to post an advertisement on this site, you can still do it on Google AdWords network. You don’t need to talk to me, or even let me know – I don’t want to know that either. You will find a link named: “Advertise on this site” at the bottom of every Google AdSense ad block. Click on it, and click “Sign Up Now” to sign up Google AdWords program. Then you can choose to target your ads to domain. You can choose to have text ad or Image ad, and they choose your payment. Then your ads MAY appear on the site, depending on how Google thinks about it.

Do it by yourself. I appreciate your support, but don’t need to notify me about it. :-)

Hope this helps to answer the FAQ: How can I advertise on this blog?

P.S. 2. Never, never ask me to write a review about your site, your service or anything. If I find it interesting, I will. If I find I want to personally do a favor of my friend, I will. If I find it valuable for visitors to Shanghai, I will. If you ask me to do it, or pay me to do it, I won’t.

Jack, Run, Linda, and Wendy

We had dinner together at a restaurant near SJTU (Shanghai Jiaotong Unversity) tonight, and then visited the Kijiji office. They were talking about some money related stuff – in this huge “everyone in stock market” environment. Haha.

Spam Mail – Not eMail, it is Mail!

As usual, I opened my mail box at the entrance of my home. There are many mails in it. Besides several bill, and some not-so-important mail, and DM, the rest are all spam satellite TV mails.

Look at these! They are the fruit we have in my mail box in several days. They offer satellite installation service. On one hand, it is not legal according to the current censorship mechanism: the Party does not allow anyone to install satellite TV to watch “enemy’s propaganda” outside China. On the other hand, it is against the international copyright laws, since they use pirated cards to “steal” program from satellite. They claim to be able to view ANY TV program, including CNN, HBO, Cinemax, BBC, NHK, DW, ABC, Fox News, MTV, and all kinds of adult program. They also commit SPAM!

I don’t like them.

8 thoughts on “How to Advertise on this Blog?

  1. Maintain your policy – ad free blog.

    1) The apartment broker site is way to expensive. Your can hardly find any units below USD1000. In actual fact, one can find a nice apartment in Lian Yang, Pudong within the budget of USD600-700. And a company will do this arrangement if the company is renting a unit which is more than USD1000. This expat for sure has his/her own P.A to handle the local agent :)

    2) I am wondering is there any reliable installer/provider for the stalalite TV? I heard some package need to pay to update the service every few months? Is that true? Anyone know the answer?

  2. DC, I don’t know any reliable installer. Most of the people sending the flyer are trying to squeeze more and more money by breaking their promise (like life time free upgrade), and you are stuck in the middle. This is based on my friends’ experience.

    On the broker site, that is a valid feedback.

  3. Jian Shuo,

    keep up the fine work and your wall of defense to that needless garbage.

    your Blog is nice because it’s not all *commercialized* with a bunch of electronic hawkers marketing goods and services.

  4. CNN, BBC, NHK, DW, ABC (assuming the Australian Broadcasting Corporation rather than the American channel) are usually free for satellite users in all areas.

  5. Hi, jianshuo:

    one question: how can I subscribe your blog with full text? the current rss feed only give excerpt output.


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