10 RMB for Genuine DVD

I wrote about cheap genuine DVD and Movie before. Today, I got even cheaper genuine DVD.

Look at this DVD first:

I bought it at the DVD store near my home – the small shop in my residential area. They charge for 10 RMB, and explained why it is more expensive than most their DVDs (which are 5 RMB). They said it is genuine DVD. I didn’t believe it, but I opened the package and it SEEMS it is not pirated.

I get back home and searched for the film and DVD. To my surprise, it really seems to genuine.

The DVD for the film was released to market 7 days after the film was released. On Joyo (An Amazon company), it sells at 8.90 RMB. There was also news release about DVD distributors lower down their cost and effectively compete with pirated DVD.

WoW. The world changes faster than I thought.

32 thoughts on “10 RMB for Genuine DVD

  1. You might be right. I read on the news that this is one of the measure to counter piracy. And they will released the DVD at the same time together with the 1st day showing in the cinema.

  2. Wow!!! that’s what I call really affordable first class entertainer. They should throw in a free bag of popcorn with every DVD movie sale.

  3. Давид: Open your eyes and see what I mean? A shiny, glowing example to counter the “It’s China. Of course it’s a bootleg” bullshit.

    Welcome to the REAL WORLD…

  4. I think the movie is good film.

    A naive young woman comes to New York and scores job as the assitant to one of the city’s biggest magazine editors,the ruthless and cynical Mirada priestly.

    the road of exit at office.it is humour.


  5. I’d also rather pay the extra 5 元 for a better quality DVD than the pirated ones.

  6. Amused: China is by far the world’s largest counterfeit shop. You cannot argue with that.

    Can you say that you and your family never bought a bootleg product? Or even in the past 12 months?

    You are trying to prove your point because some wealthy business guy with a blog bought one DVD? Please!

  7. Hi Jianshuo

    May I know which district I can get RMB10 DVD? I am leaving for Shanghai next weekend. It is so cheap that I am going to grab all my favourite DVDs whatever I can. BTW, I hope it is genuine, if not, I will get a fine at my country’s custom (If I am unlucky).

  8. ‘Real’ DVDs in normal shops like Carrefour are reasonably cheap – 20 odd RMB by memory ??

    Not sure where the best place with the best collection of non-counterfeit DVDs is – and is it relatively cheap to other countries ?

  9. Joyce, I bought it in the shop in Pudong. It is a small shop, just like any DVD shop in Shanghai. The reason I wrote the article with surprise is, most of DVD they sell are pivated, and this is maybe the first genuine DVD I found out there. Also, don’t expect any DVD to be the same price – only this “Call for love” is. The price depends on the distribution company.

    Just as RWM said, in Carrefour or Hymall, they have genuine and cheap DVD (not as cheap as 10 RMB, but 20, or 18 RMB). You can go there and get one. They sell very recent DVD that is still in theatre. Again, it depends on whether the distributor wants to do it.

  10. I would no longer risk purchasing cheap DVD’s. Not because I have a superior morality, but just because the lower the price, the poorer the quality. I can’t stand getting half-way through a movie only to have it freeze up on the TV.

    We used to buy them from guys selling them from suitcases on the Shanghai pedestrian overpasses for 5 yuan. We’d get about half of them that completely played okay.

    It is really a question of how much do you value your leisure time.

  11. Thanks Jianshuo and RWM for the information. I don’t mind paying the range of 10 to 30 RMB for a genuine DVD, because it is still cheaper.

  12. “most of DVD they sell are pivated, and this is maybe the first genuine DVD I found out there.” — Jian Shuo Wang

    Amused: Somehow, you conclusion is that no one in China purchases pirated DVDs?

    Are you retarded in real life or just sound stupid in your posts?

  13. Давид, and Amused, may I jump in on the discussion?

    Давид’s point is clear, that people in China are buying pivated DVD. There is no doubt about it. Everyone knows the fact, just as everyone knows the existance of GFW, and many other bad stuff. I believe we are 100% on the same page on this.

    Amused’s point is that don’t take it for granded that if it is China, it must be pivated. Is it also clear.

    The reality is, there are pirated, AND genuine DVD in China. Both are right. If you want to argue about percentage, that can be a much more interesting topic. :-)

    Have fun, guys.

  14. How do you guys be able to tell a fake DVD from a real one?? Remember, we have here a lot of so called “genuine fakes” that are in fact genuine – made by the same equipment as the real-real ones – but nobody ever paid any royalties to ther IPR holders.


    M.Gronroos, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    of Intellectual Property Rights

    Xiamen, Fujian

  15. Amused: I looked it up. It turns out that it is illegal to buy or sell pirated DVDs in China. My apologies.

  16. There are so many good quality pirated DVDs nowadays that you can no longer tell if they are real or fake. I was cheated into buying this china version “real” DVD the other day for 20 bucks where the original Australian version sells for around 28 bucks??? Well and so the story goes, I thought I got a myself a real bargain…and then when I reached home, the DVD doesn’t play right. There’s the name of a chinese company on the top right hand corner of the TV screen and some thing like http://www.chinadvd.com etc. When you look at the cover, everything seems alright, the casing, the packaging and so on. The trick is, don’t ever buy any china made DVDs. 99.9% of them are fake. This is why so many big music/movie companies have a differnt version for the chinese market.

  17. Quoting Jianshuo, ” Amused’s point is that don’t take it for granded that if it is China, it must be pivated. Is it also clear.

    The reality is, there are pirated, AND genuine DVD in China.”

    Actually, my argument is never that there is NO pirated DVDs in China. I just think that it is unfair to say that any DVD produced in China is a bootleg copy.

    In big cities, people are more concerned with the quality of the DVD and experience it provides. With the price of genuine DVD coming down to the price of pirated copies, people are therefore more inclined to buy genuine DVD. Of course this is part of the reason. Another reason is that shops selling genuine DVDs allow you to exchange for a new one if what you bought is faulty. It is this assurance that more and more of the people I know are getting real ones.

    Say no to piracy: I brought some genuine DVDs back to UK, and it runs OK on my computer. China DVD may not play on Australian DVD players as the regions are different. If a DVD cannot really play on your system, it doesn’t mean that it is FAKE. It can be FAKE and non-functional, REAL and non-functional, or , “GENUINE FAKE” and non-functional. The truth is, when you are overseas and you feel like buying something, you have to risk the fact that it can be faulty and you only discover this problem back home. Nobody cheated you — you are responsible for getting into this mess yourself!

  18. Hey “Amused”,

    before you jumped to any any conclusion about me getting into this mess, hear this..




  19. Say no to piracy:

    Nope, I am not “over-sensitive”. Neither am I “patriotic” like you say. I just want you to whine less.

    Just report this to the police and get your money back! Tell them that this shop is selling fake/dodgy DVD. Period.


  20. whatever…. you have just proven to me how touchy china people are…. if china behaves itself then yes everyone else both inside china and outside will definitely “whine” less.

    Unfortunately…. china never learns and is still the biggest piracy empire EVER

  21. Say no to piracy:

    Oh dear. If you ever attemtpt to follow my arguments coherently, you will probably realise that:-

    1. I do not deny that there are many pirated/fake products out there in China

    2. I believe that much can be done to enforce stricter IP rules

    3. I believe that the DVD distributors in China are doing the right thing to combate these pirates. They significantly lower the price of the genuine DVDs and are selling them almost at the same time as the movies are screened in the cinemas. Their efforts are paying off now as many more people are buying genuine DVDs.

    Anyway your accusations about me being “emotional”, “patriotic” and “touchy” are completely baseless.

    Oh by the way, what makes you think my “beloved motherland” is China? Doh!

    Without giving too much of myself away (and avoid applying too much salt to your nationalistic wound), heard of the

    Nguyen Tuong Van incident?


  22. Sorry I should not mention Nguyen Tuong Van at all.

    It is entirely irrelevant here. My apologies.

  23. er…… you dont happen to live on jinxao road do you? cause i’ve had the exact experience.

  24. Please open your eyes, it is inposible to buy a genuine DVDs in”China”.Obviously, the one you bought is a pirated DVDs.

  25. Please open your eyes, it is inposible to buy a genuine DVDs in”China”.Obviously, the one you bought is a pirated DVDs.

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