6 thoughts on “Weired Image of Me

  1. Hi, jianshuo, it’s a little hot in Shanghai these days, why don’t you write an article about this incredible temperature!

  2. Yes. it is hot. However, I was not that sensitive to weather, and still wear the same thing as the last week, until someone pointed out – Jian Shuo, don’t you feel hot?

  3. hi, i just browse online and enter ur blog, then i read some of ur posters, very interesting, i mean the NY ones. And i guess it may not be that polite to have sneakered other ppl’s privacy and then just left, so i wanna post something here, hope u dont mind:)

  4. good this is the best to operate unknown person who do not know the way of copulation.this way guide us how can do pergnant.

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