Best Buy Opens Store in Xujiahui

Best Buy opens a store in Xujiahui, many weeks ago. After had three long meetings in three different locations for the whole day, I finally get back to Xujiahui, and visited the store – since there is no taxi in rush hour, why not take a look. I am very curious about how much market share Best Buy can take in the $100 billion market (according to Best Buy)

It seems to me it is the electronic appliance version of IKEA. I mean the color and environment.

Will Best Buy Fail, or Succeed

IKEA is an example of huge success in China. Wal-Mart is not yet, and many other U.S. players, especially in Internet segment are not.

In price-sensitive market like China, whether the service advantage over-comes price disadvantage (if it is its disadvantage) is the key question.

12 thoughts on “Best Buy Opens Store in Xujiahui

  1. Jian Shuo,

    What I’m concerned about is whether this will affect the ability of shoppers to “bargain ” at the electronics mart in Xu Hui, since Best Buy is usually a fixed-price store. I thought that was one of the perks of going to the “Globe” mall and other places around there (near Microsoft), as you can’t barter for prices here… :( I hope not!

  2. I seriously think it will fail. I mean, first of all the location, Xujiahui has already so many huge department stores selling only technology stuff.

    The only good with Best buy is that it is a famous American chain, so I guess the expats would feel more comfortable with going there and feel the familiar environment, but with the locals?

    naaah, let’s see if Im right.

    (my blog about me enjoying Shanghai life)

  3. The style is just like in the states.. I like fry’s ,,, cheaper and bigger..;-)

    I guess I would look around in Bestbuy of China.

    I prefer a neat and open-price store…no need to worry about cheating…

  4. I took one NB there since sales emphasize no bargain, which is I’m afraid of. whoever good at bargain or not walks into that room will feel you were treated fairly. I’m kinda like it very much!

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