So Many Red Lights!

I took this picture today at the intersection of Yan-An Road, and the Huashan Road.

Photography by Jian Shuo Wang

Photography by Jian Shuo Wang

If you count carefully enough, you will see 14 red lights in the picture. There are 7 lanes for single direction. Isn’t look funny?

Here are the Google Map of the area.

6 thoughts on “So Many Red Lights!

  1. When I read your article title, I was sure you was speaking about the special “massage” place and the special “hair cutter” shop… in other word prostitution.

    Which are numerous in China.

    (I read somewhere it may represent up to 6% of China GDP)

    Am I a colorful wolf ?

  2. Redflag, you’re a creative :) JS, is a photographer. He includes visual information in his dairy/blog too.

    Take a closer look at the picture.

  3. Ao this is shanghai. What a lovely city! 7 lanes in both direction doesn’t seem to have any postive effect on this life-costing bumper-to-bumper nightmare.

  4. Sorry, my previous message as not been deleted.

    My computer did not load all the pages, I did not saw my previous message.


    Happy to see that this blog stay clean of censorship :D

  5. I am looking for a online map that shows the Shanghai expressways, especially southern A30, A4 and A5 in the direction of Zhenjiang province.

    Can anybody help me?

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