My Experience with Hong Kong

How many times I have been to Hong Kong?

The first time, I get here with Wendy, and Eric, and stayed at Minji’s place (the Sea Ranch on an island).

The second time was a pretty short one, on March 10, 2005. I couldn’t find an entry about the trip in my blog. Anyway, it was a really short one. I fly in in the morning, get to Upstream Asia’s office at noon, started the conversation in the afternoon, and get back at 6:00 PM. One day trip to Hong Kong. It was during that trip I learnt Cantonese: 百花街 (Crookedest Street). In Mandarin, it is Bai Hua Jie, but in Cantonese, it is pronounced as Bai Fa Gai…

The third time was today in 2006. I started in Shangri-la in Pacific Center – nice real estate project

This is maybe the forth time, and I stayed in the same area, just opposite to the Shangri-La hotel – JW Marriott. It is a very nice hotel, especially to have a harbor view. I was not able to take pictures at night when all the lights went off, but I will definitely take some shots tomorrow.

Hong Kong

I have never see a place where high-raise buildings are so close and concentrated like Hong Kong. Even New York don’t give people the energy like Hong Kong.

Taxis in Hong Kong is more aggressive in starting and stopping, but due to relatively better traffic rules (I mean relatively), it is running pretty smooth.


Hong Kong is a miracle. Miracle, Energetic are the keywords I describe Hong Kong. I like here.

Visa? I hate Visa

What makes me feel bad is, I still need something like Visa to visit Hong Kong. Visa application time is so long – 7 days – which is even longer than U.S. visa, and India… Also, most people don’t need a visa to Hong Kong, but I do. :-(


We had Egypt food in Habibi (Sounds like Kijiji). The food and music attracted me to pay a visit to Egypt.

P.S. Tired today. Let me go to bed now, and maybe watch the harbor view tomorrow morning, taking some pictures, and post it on this blog tomorrow.

P.S.2 Wendy went to see Swan Lake today.

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  1. Jian Shuo, correction>>> Hong Kong is now part of the China, you don’t apply a ‘visa’ to enter Hong Kong, you need to obtain an ‘entry-exit permit’ and is issued only by the Chinese Government. While visa is an endorsment issued by a sovereign country upon or before entry. The Chinese Government is very sensitive about any wordings may associate Hong Kong as a state.

  2. Welcome to Hong Kong WJS, for your information, HK is not all concrete, the green zone is actually behind where you are staying over the hills on the south side of the island.

    If you have spare time tomorrow and not going home yet, I have a suggestion for you,

    go hiking, _bd/country_park.html

    Some of the trails are on Hong Kong island and start in a vicinity close to your hotel, my personal favorite is route B10, enjoy!

  3. hi wjs, if you have time this weekend email me. i can meet up with you and show you some interesting places in HK. it sounds like you are only spending your time in central and wanchai but there are so many nice places around HK..esp hiking as solopolo has mentioned.

  4. Stephen, I know it is not visa. That is the reason I used the word “something like visa”. It takes longer than visa from other country.

    dazza and solopolo, thanks for sharing and invitation, but now I am at Hong Kong airport, and is getting ready to get on board MU728 back to Shanghai. Maybe next time. Byebye Hong Kong.

  5. JS – you are perfect in your description of HK traffic vs. Shanghai. in reverse, I describe Shanghai traffic to people as ‘loose regard for the rules, but not aggressive, and everyone knows what to expect’. of course I did see a very angry scooter driver get bumped by a taxi just yesterday… but mostly the system works because everyone agrees how the rules will be interpreted. HK is more ‘western’ in traffic – the lights are absolute, and if it is green you could be run down! in Shanghai everyone equally is trying to go at the same time, so 4-wheels, 2-wheels or none, you keep your eyes out, watch out for being run over and take care not to run some one else down. I prefer it – despite honking is frustration, it is still much less ‘tense’ than most other cities anywhere near it’s size around the world.

  6. You mentioned “” Cantonese: 百花街 (Crookedest Street). In Mandarin, it is Bai Hua Jie, but in Cantonese, it is pronounced as Bai Fa Gai… “” (My Experience with Hong Kong/25Jan2007)

    Were you actually referring to 擺花街 (Lyndhurst Terrace), which is a rather famous street in Hong Kong? (

    There used to be an egg-tart store at Lyndhurst Terrance which was famous for being frequented by ex-HK governor Chris Pattern. The store has since relocated to Mongkok due to high rents.

  7. 泰昌餅家 The egg-tart store at Lyndhurst Terrance was able to rent another stall, situated just opposite to the original stall, and was reopened in October 2005.

  8. Shanghai sucks. People don’t know how to wait in line. People out to rip each other off. People with no class. The Chinese in Shanghai are a shame to Chinese in HK and the rest of the world. Sure there are a lot of buildings going up. Look nice on the outside but its all for show. Shanghai sucks the big lop chung IMO.

  9. i want to know countries that have visa free to hong kong………

  10. shanghai not only sucks – it stinks literally as you walk past these bunch of filthy peasants in their pajamas

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