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  1. Jian Shuo

    You’re looking good at the start of 2007. is the internet situation in China improving or are millions still unable to access sites outside of China?

  2. what is the status on Hotmail and Yahoo mail in China..still inaccessible for the most part?

    please provide an update.

  3. It depends on which ISP you are using. At least for me, hotmail is not accessible at all. Yahoo.com is very slow – all images are not loaded. Wangjianshuo.com is still very slow.

    It may take another 2 weeks for the fiber cable to recover.

  4. Hello, I knew of your blog by Google serching “what’s wrong with hotmail” in May, 2006. The information you posted at that time was very helpful. From then on, I keep reading your blog, but it is first time for me to write some words here. I just want to say that your blog is really awesome! And you look great in those photos!

  5. I feel like I have almost all of China because of a lousy earthquake. :>(( maybe this is what the Rapture will be like when Christ returns to take up all of His Christians to heaven. they will suddenly disappear and no longer be on this earth.

    hey China, are you out there still? anyone at home?

  6. I have indeed lost almost all of China no one replies, no one sends or receives email. they are all silent…they are GONE. the electronic net world has crashed.

  7. I thought that Gangfeng is Shanghai’s most famous photographer–‘world class’.

  8. Wang Gangfeng is No. 1. I read an article about him published this month in a magazine.

  9. article about Gangfeng in The Walrus magazine December 2006:

    A Resonant Boom

    How Shanghai’s citizens view their city’s seemingly unending growth

    by Charles Foran


    Wang Gangfeng is a happy man. He tells me as much one afternoon in Shanghai. The photographer sits in his studio in the city’s west end. The studio occupies an upperfloor corner that in its day may have housed a dozen families in the forced intimacy for which China, and especially Shanghai, remains notorious. Now Wang, a boyish fifty-year-old attired in all black, including leather pants and boots, has the space to himself. Appropriately, he is equally the self-styled “first freelance photographer in China” and proprietor of the “Gang of One,” a business name drawn from a pun on the infamous Gang of Four clique that terrorized China in the 1970s.

    His walls are as crowded as any city block. Though Wang earns his living doing commercial work, his art lies in portrait photography that shirks neither Shanghai grit nor rural backwardness. Images include elderly ladies in alleyways and bicyclists pushing impossible loads. His lens is intimate, and with even the most impersonal shots, including a well-known photo of a solitary biker parting a sea of fellow travellers heading in the opposite direction, the eye is drawn to the often serene expressions worn by those going about their arduous business.


  10. Dear JS ,You look great ,but i think you should lose weight now ,HEhe,you look like a bitter more fat than before.

  11. You don’t look like getting old, and what a familiar smile, Haha! I just sent out an email to you but I am not sure if you are still using that old email address. I just had a visit in China, including Beijing and Luoyang, etc. I will visit your blog very often. Hope I can find you.

    By the way, your email Ad sounds interesting. Am I too late to request a @wangjianshuo.com ? First Name: Ruifeng; Last Name: Guo. In my campus everyone calls me Ray and I may use it as my second First name in the future. So either Ruifeng or Ray is good for my address. You can send me the one that is easier to be assigned.

  12. One more word, I kind of agree with Lisa on your weight control. I am on the same boat for diet.

  13. We are looking for Gang Feng. He did a shoot with my whole family in Toronto, Canada over 12 years ago.. My father would like to visit China and would like to stop and say hello to him.

    Please let us know where he is.

    Thank you

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