Busy Recently

I am busy recently, and may be slow (or no) response to your comments, or write more “qualified” blog posts. I hope I can get back to it in several days.

If I could change my MSN display name, I may change it to “rumors and rumors”. More and more rumor appears around Kijiji and around me. :-) The price to be a public person is, there is always rumors, and personal attack everywhere. One of the essential skill to survive is, always separate the name in media from yourself, as if they are talking about another person – actually they ARE talking about another person who happen to be with the same name. :-) This kind of seperation is key

4 thoughts on “Busy Recently

  1. Sounds like you are keeping a level head, and a good attitude, in the midst of it all, Jian Shuo. From what we are seeing on Google news this morning, all is well for you and Kijiji. Hopefully whatever is motivating anything unpleasant for you will die down soon. Take care!

  2. …it must be annoying when people start to assume things about you without knowing the truth…

    but take it positively, the increasing rumors would at least prove that you have performed well enough to arouse people’s curiosity… getting famous does have a cost :-)

    Happy New Year

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