Did I Change in the Last Four Years?

In the last four years of blogging, did I change a lot? I believe so, but I just cannot tell what are the changes, and how much the change is. Reading my blog entries written 4 years ago, I still feel I am the same person, but I am very sure I am NOT from the readers’ perspective. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Did I Change in the Last Four Years?

  1. I bet you haven’t changed all that much, Jian Shuo (except for your professional circumstances, of course) It’s just that over time you have revealed so much more of yourself. We know you better now — and maybe you know yourself better now too :-)

  2. You used to blog about more tech-related topics. Inevitably what you blog about is going to change over time, though.

  3. the readers who update wjs RSS every week, should not aware too much change. because they are growing with you and getting familar with you even in virtural world.

    they can feel the words you write is full of sincereity and reflect wangjianshuo’s style:D

  4. everyone will change !because time is a powerthing that can make all of us different from right now!!

    as iam a newer (i have came here just for 3 weeks),i know little about you and your blog , may i can say like this!

    but i think you a great just to make a blog like this!

    i think you must be the person i should to go with!

  5. Hi jianshuo, it is a long time since we last met. You are not changed, just move on to another period of your life.

    Just follow the course!

  6. Except maybe for your professional changes….I have’nt noticed any.On the better side, you’ve improved your english, wrote as usual with verve.

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