Hello from Narita Airport, Tokyo

Hello! I am traveling, and I am still connected.

Hello from the ANA Lounge in Narita Airport, Tokyo.

I am a silly boy. I don’t know that I could use the ANA lounge.

There is 3 hours in between (arriving at 2:00 PM and departing at 5:00 PM).

I wanted to explorer the airport, but there is not too much. The currency exchange (16.58 Yen = 1 RMB) made shopping very confusing to me. There are not so many shops to visit.

I wanted to access Internet, and there is wireless Internet there, but it is not free. I don’t want to bother to pay for Internet for just one our or two.

I wandered in the gate 58, where my connecting flight will depart – only me, and there is no one else.

I felt hungry – I slept the whole journey from Shanghai to Tokyo, and missed the lunch, and wanted to eat something. But the food is not attractive, and the price tab shocked me – something like 1,000 Yen.

Finally, after wandering for 1 hour, I suddenly realized I may use the ANA or the Star Alliance Lounge. I went there and accepted. It is the first time I use the lounge in NRT airport. Last time, I was busy getting the shore pass and rushed toward downtown Tokyo and getting back…

They have everything I need in the lounge.

I am using the free desktop computers they provided, it seems they have 20+ of them in nice small cubicle, with nice desk top lamp. The arrangement is just like a Internet cafe, so I wrote this blog here.

I also had a cup of orange juice – it is always my choice since my first flight experience. BTW, my second choice on flight is apple juice, with water the third.

They have nice Udon noodle. I asked for one, so it is my nice lunch. Because of the 1 hour time difference, it is not that late.

It is very good resource. So hello again, and you can expect me to say hello the second time in San Jose.

P.S. I had a hard time using the Japanese Keyboard. I was not able to enter @ symbol in the last few minutes. Shift + 2 produces double quote “. Thank God I still knows how to operate Windows, and I added the English (US) Locale in Control Pane / International Settings. Now I am fine with it.

Update November 4, 2006

Update some pictures of the trip. My Sony DSC-P8 camera had some problem after 3 years. I guess the battery’s life ended, and I need to get a new battery for it. So I only too several pictures.

The ANA lounge in Shanghai Pudong Airport, at gate 19

The elevator of NRT in Satellite #5

My boarding passes

The connecting tunnel between Satellite #5 to #4. I hope the Sightseeing Tunnel under Huangpu River are also changed to this style.

16 thoughts on “Hello from Narita Airport, Tokyo

  1. haha…I will do the same thing on Dec, 12th…I need to wait in Narita Airport for about 4 hours…OMG…need to prepare sth for killing time….

    Hope I can have fun like you did…

    Anyway, thank you for all those information you wrote….^^

  2. the first comment?

    God is kidding me…

    Just finished my bible study and then look through internet randomly…

    Hope you have a good journey~~

  3. oh so silly ,:P the second guy ,but the third comment ,en ,faint ,but i really hope you have a good trip,yes,reading your blog for more than one years and

    the chinese blog too ,like your write-stlye ,and want to be like u to help people around me ,so i will try to learnning hard in english ,hope i can be your friend ,en

  4. I had a 3 hour layover recently but at the Baltimore airport. Used my Sprint wireless card to send some emails and then I walked the concourse to Charlie Chiang’s restaurant to have some Kung Pao chicken on rice.

  5. Shrek7: There is no airport in Baltimore. You meant Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

  6. Dave G., I am flying with ANA business class this time. I am not sure if economy can use it or not. This is the first time I fly with Business class to Tokyo. Last time, I was with economy.

  7. Jian Shuo, what is the rationale of taking NH to SFO via NRT? where you can take UA direct to SFO.

  8. MY god when you find that ctrl + 2 = ”

    then why not look for ctrl + ” = @


    just a thought – no need to go messing up the settings again – it’s just the USA layout versus … the other layout!

    I need a job in SH that flies me to Tokyo too, I would be in heavon (no I don’t mean Suzhou)

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