Shanghai is Coooold

If you are coming to Shanghai these days, be aware that Shanghai is really cold. It rains (for many days), and the temperature drops to 8°C. Today, we turned on warm air-con for the first time this winter.

So bring rain coat, and bring warm cloths with you if you plan to visit Shanghai.

At 6:30 PM, it rained, and there were no taxi at all on street. I tried to call taxi reservation hotline, for example, 62580000 for Jinjiang, and 968222 for Dazhong. It simply does not work. It is always busy line. After about 10 minutes, I got through and not surprisingly, they don’t have any taxi available. The whole city seems to stop working for me. Wendy waited for a taxi for about one hour before she got one.

Winter comes, and people’s life should get tougher in Shanghai.

Ashamed? No

I saw comments on my previous entry Lining Up for Metro?. I saw the same thing, but I feel the different way.

Seeing the bad things in China does not affect my proud of my nationality. There must be optimistic people within a country to try everything he/she can to help, or make progress (no matter how small it is). A real confident nation, just like a confident person, should not shy away from facing the bad things.

For example, history is part of the identity of a country. By facing the history, no matter it is good or bad ,demostrates the confidence of the country. It is the same for the bad things.

I feel bad about people’s misbehavior, but I don’t feel bad to be part of the people here. Just because I care, I write, and I bring the topic. I hope more people care about what is going on, and encourage people to write about it and talk about it.

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  1. the weather in most of the southern China is rainy these days,the temperature here is about 15 degress centigrade,much wormer than Shanghai.

  2. I don’t get these “I’m proud to be Chinese” chauvinistic statements. if I started posting “I am proud to be an American” statements, I am sure that others would find it offensive.

    by the way, I am proud and happy to be an American.

  3. People need to remember that “I’m proud to be Chinese” is not the same as “I hate the Japanese”.

  4. Browsing through this guy’s blog is just like being brainwashed

    with commie propaganda. I have to admit this guy is a great

    spin-doctor who is a master at currying favor with both Chinese commies and

    the innocent Western audience. There is no difference between this

    guy’s feminine smooth-talking self-exposing self-congratulatory white-collar

    talk and a People’s Daily newpaper or CCTV. Everything is spinning in

    a positive-looking but misleading direction.

    I guess that is the reason the commie censors allow this blog to live.

    But we all know what commie looks like when its mask is off.

  5. Shanghai is amazingly cold in wintertime. It’s not the temperature, it’s the wetness of the air that penetrates your bones. Hard to describe until one learns the hard way. :D

  6. taxi reservation hotline,625800 for Qiangsheng, 96981 for Jinjiang. and Dazhong charges extra RMB4 for reservation.


  7. i am proud to be a Chinese, just like i am proud as a Henan ren, as you know, i work in penglai , shandong now, due to my husband is a shandong ren, to be honest, wherever you go, you will always remember that your hometown is your really spriirt home.

  8. In order to combat cold weather in Shanghai, people should consider getting a dehumidifier. It’s pretty hard to find in Shanghai but you can find them. They are a bit pricey compared to North America or Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, you can get one for about 1000 HKD, and in North America you can get one for between $50 to $200 depending on what brands you want.

    A dehumidifier is really needed in Shanghai as WJS mentioned it is very humid here. Every morning when we wake up, the windows are wet. It’s so wet, the window ledge is full of water! When we first moved to Shanghai, I refused to open the windows due to the pollution outside and how bad the air smelled, but now a days, we don’t have a choice. Due to the humidity inside the house, we open the windows before we go to work and when we come home, the windows are clear again. The dampness in the air really causes your body to feel colder so I really recommend people to invest in a dehumidfier.

    Another thing people can consider in the winter here is to buy a few electric oil heaters. We have central A/C in our house that can heat or cool your apartment. Unfortunately, heating your apartment with forced hot air causes you to get sick quite easily due to the hot dry air getting blown in your face all day/night. With a combination of oil heaters and a dehumidifier, your comfort level will be much higher at home, although still not as good as back in North America due to the insulated walls back home.

    I hope this helps!

    5 year foreign resident of Shanghai

  9. I find it amusing. Chinese say “I am proud to be a Chinese…” too often. Americans don’t say that. And sometimes it can be politically incorrect to declare “I am proud to be an American…”. So, few people say that. Why do Chinese say that often? I guess that back in average Chinese’ minds, there may be some inconfidence…, or insecurity.

    ONE DAY, Chinese will not say that amusing line. That day, we know that Chinese can really be proud of themselves. Despite the recent material advancement, that day hasn’t arrived yet, but it will one day.

  10. jqian – you might not hear Americans say it often in China, but in America, people do often say “I’m proud to be an American” and don’t always have to state it verbally. Ever since the 9/11 attacks there are American flags and patriotic messages all over cars and buildings.

    I don’t see why either should be offensive to say. I guess because pride and ego have the connotation of saying you’re better than others. If people let go of their pride and ego just a little and see everyone as equals, this would be a better peaceful world.

    Of course it’s just human nature to do this.

  11. Hi, Jian Shuo

    I remember you metioned you drive in your previous blogs, why you have to wait for taxi nowadays?

    Normally I don’t think car is really necessary in Shanghai, as I am not so used to the unregulated traffic here. But considering the fact Wendy waited for an hour for taxi, maybe I should start considerring driving…

  12. so some is proud to be chinese, another is proud in being an american… what it does mean.. where they stand… ?

    to be proud of Vietnam or Iraq for the american, or to be proud to the misfacts and human tragedy happen few yrs a go in the biggest square of the capital “BJ” ( pls note a way to avoid the censor spider software :-) ) and said loudly i am proud to be chinese…. ?

    shall a japanese be proud of beign born so, or shall he/she proud remembering the rape or massacre of nanijng o the nuclear mass killing of nagasaki..?

    Shall we all be proud and happy to be humans ? so we can use taxi when it rains, open air con when its cold, and PROUDLY help to increase the pollution, as at this stage within 20yrs water… simply pure drinkign water will become a rare things (Bj got serious prolem as even the biggest lake which is a main capital water supplier, 2 days a go was reported, got a serious pollution warning)….

    Honeslty speaking, i am happy to be born human, careless what is my nationality, as i born in this globe for sure not on Mars but if it was there i would not mind and i feel very pity… for who all shout out I AM PROUD OF BEIGN OF MY NATIONALITY… hitler used it for the arian race… persian, mecedons… romans… siamese… khmers, incas.. used to say so over centuries.. history… teach us, that any fool who shouted i am proud of being of my country… as usual … miserably failed ..

    au revoir… a bientot

  13. patriotism does not need to be mouthed! in such cases, actions always speak louder than talk. only dictators and incompetent leaders will use the patriot trick repeatedly to fuel the insecure feelings of their small minded minions. in the case of public transport etiquette, i guess the patriotic thing to do is to put one’s effort into helping the general population get more easy access to higher and higher level of education on all aspects. make your money in hi-tech shanghai etc, and then contribute what you can financially and/or technically towards the betterment of education of the younger generation in the back country, that will be the least one can do before one can think about being patriotic, otherwise one is just another efficiency hungry, profit chasing drone amongst millions.

  14. I agree Jerry ! (You should use to hide you IP when you post)

    “I’m proud to be Chinese”

    Please, just tell me why ?

    There is certainly plenty reasons (as there is plenty reason to be ashamed), but I do not know the usual reason that make Chinese proud to be Chinese?

    By the way according to an internet survey (censorred by the government) 64% of Chinese do not want to be again Chinese if they get a new life…,,1875731,00.html

    The reason given by 40% of Chinese: “Chinese citizens lacked human dignity.”

    (I am not sure to understand what they mean… if someone can explain me… thank you in advance)


  15. I believe that America is such a huge melting pot of different people and races that saying ‘I am proud to be Chinese’ doesn’t fit over here.


    No! Not EVERYTHING IS GETTING BETTER! To name a few, Cost of housing, Labor law enforcement, Copyrights, environment, Freedom of speech, HIV, Corruption, Drugs, Foods safety, Mining accidents, ……etc, etc, the list goes on and on.

  17. I find that the more vulnerable the psyche of a nation is, the more likely the people of that nation would declare “I am proud to be a member of xxx nation”. After 911, American started to feel vulnerable and insecure for the first time after the Pearl habor, they started to say that line more often. Chinese has always been insecure about the state of their national being, they need more endorsements, so they say this line more often. I grew up in China. I remember that I have grown up under the mainline of needing to feel proud for the country, regardless the actually state of being. I think it’s a gage to measure the psychological security level of a nation. I would really feel proud of China if someday Chinese don’t customarily declare this line. Am I proud of America at this moment in time? No, it’s in a state of mess, especially politically.

  18. jqian – I totally agree.

    Everyone else –

    every nation has its good and bad sides to it. It depends on what kind of person you are. Do you see the glass half empty or half full?

    Despite other issues China needs to improve upon, I am happy to see how quickly the country has changed in such a short period of time. Ever since Deng Xiaoping’s decision to open China and to develop the economy it’s seen a unprecedented transformation which I have give them credit for as well other gradual changes in progress.

    This is what I’m proud of.

  19. IHL, we are talking about the problems now.but in the past, we knew nothing on them.

    now, we talk talk and take actions big or small to correct or improve the situation.

  20. Agree with Jerry, ILH, and jqian.

    “I’m proud to be Chinese”

    Please, just tell me why ?

    There is certainly plenty reasons (as there is plenty reason to be

    ashamed), but I do not know the usual reason that make Chinese proud

    to be Chinese?

    By the way according to an internet survey (censorred by the

    goverrnment) 64% of Chinese do not want to be again Chinese if they get

    a new life…,,1875731,00.html

    The reason given by 40% of Chinese: “Chinese citizens lacked human dignity.”

  21. We don’t need to post “I am proud to be a Chinese” statements,because it’s a reality,not a tage. by chinese,桃李不言,下自成蹊。

  22. survey, which is even worse than stat, is too cheap to believe.

    who give it? to whom? when? what secenerio?…

    too naive, sometimes poor.

  23. >>>>Chinese citizens lacked human dignity

    i consider not having 100 million rmb in my bank acct as lacking in all kinds of dignity!!!!

  24. A survey may be biased especially if it’s a small or certain percentage of the population that is taking it. Internet surveys in particular do not accurately reflect the true results of a whole population. Perhaps most of the unhappy ones took the survey at the time – as well as a small percentage of Chinese? The Chinese that I’ve met were rather prideful, so does that mean most Chinese are prideful? No, there are many types of people who feel differently so nothing can be generalised.

  25. Also, demographics such as age, location, social class is all important.

    For example, If I took a survey in Texas about who supports Bush, results may say a good percentage would. Does this accurately reflect what most of America thinks about him?

  26. Bush’s intention was to strength American’s global influence. By so doing, he helped to reduce that. Roman empire was finished by means and intention of glorifying it.

  27. Well, I’m proud to be an American! I personally think Bush and the Republicans have made some terrible mistakes with Iraq and the global war against terrorism, especially with its unilateral policies. But I’m happy that citizens have voted the Republicans out of office, and begun the process of holding Bush, Rumsfeld, Abizaid, etc. accountable for these mistakes, and hopefully charting a better course for the future. I guess I’d be happy to be an American in my next life too…:)

  28. I had written it was an INTERNET survey.

    (you can go read,,1875731,00.html to have more details)

    So of course it do not reflect perfectly the population.

    But when a internet survey post in one of the most famous internet portal ( get 10.000 replies including 4.000 people who say “”Chinese citizens lacked human dignity.” and in total more than 6.000 say they do not want to be Chinese in another life it still mean something…

    I am sure you will not get this reply (even on an internet survey) in most of the part of the world.

    I still do not exactly undersand when they say “lack of Human dignity”.

    What is also interesting, is that the govvernment which support the nationalism and the hate toward Japanese has a way to keep Chinese under control (Be nationalist, hate Japanese, and do not think too much about corruuption and the lake of freedome). This govvvernment has forced the website to stop the pool and the employees who input the post has been fired…


  29. Well, I said “proud” when I saw someone said “ashamed”. What I said is, I don’t feel ashamed, instead, I feel proud. Please note the context.

    The same sentence in different context means different thing. By writing an article about “being proud for being…” senses a little bit like nationalism. I wrote more about the difference (in my POV) between nationalism and patriotism in these two entries:

    To be short, there is nothing wrong to love something, but sometimes it is wrong to hate something based on race, gender, religion, country, nationality…

    Maybe it is too quick to say right or wrong, a more precious statement maybe, love leads to peace, and hate leads to war.

  30. Topic from “shanghai is coooold” to the right to love or hate. Seems strange.

    I will not comment on that, but, i will tell jerry– the abbreviation is not a good way to avoid the censor spider software, such as BJ for BeiJing, insert some marks on them will be better , like B*J or B%J.

    Those who want to out of troubles should do as that, spider is everywhere, take care.

  31. Minus 21C here in Canada this morning (should warm to minus 2 later). Enjoy the Shanghai tropics.


    Proud to be Canadian, but wishing I could live some place warmer.

  32. THE History told us the truth ,don`t decide easily ,we must have our own idea which can`t be affected by others .we need ” i love china ,my home ”

  33. Wow… A topic about weather turns into a discussion on national pride… Strange, as TingLi pointed out. :)

    Anyway, I’m from and I live in Fremont (close to San Jose) but I check Shanghai weather often because I was there this past summer and I’ll be going there again next month. The numbers for degrees generally look similar to the degrees here so I always assumed the weather in Shanghai feels like the weather here, except for the extra rain. I never thought about humidity being a factor in how cold a place is. Thanks to those of you who brought that up!

  34. Hello .. i want to know the meaning of 886 in chinese. please help me to find the meaning the same at the earliest

    thanks & regards


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