Rumors after Rumors

The Internet industry in China is exactly like entertainment industry. There are rumors after rumor. I have to decline the rumors around for the day, and was really surprised to see my name involved in news articles…

18 thoughts on “Rumors after Rumors

  1. Jianshuo, after 4½ years, now I will give you some advice.

    This is an EMPTY posting !

    Truly !

    Do not just talk into empty space.

    We dont achieve any information from you, you do not show us any of the articles you are thinking of, or even some links to them, Jianshuo.

    If no information is provided, this posting is just a “dead end (street)”,

    and you know what that sign means.

    You have just left “driving” California !

    Put in a simple way, I expects more quality from you than this posting.

    I know you’re having a serious jetlag now, so the advice is,

    to simply wait to post anything until it has passed….

  2. New post:

    Jiang Shuo is waking up to shit and piss. He will open a window and write it in his blog. Then he will come back to sleep until the sunrise.

    It seems like you are paid to write nothing. Isn’t it ?

    Please, try to find your mojo like the good old days and write interesting posts, otherwise your blog will be quicly kicked out the blogosphere…

  3. I don’t think Jian Shuo is paid to write.

    That being said, I too don’t know what he’s talking about in this post.

    On a different note: Jian Shuo, you seem to travel to Silicon Valley frequently. Have you had the chance to come to Southern California? We have some of the best xiao long bao outside of China. Makes my stomach growl just thinking about it!

  4. Well, keeping up a blog can be a big job, especially after years of activities. I am sure that JSW is feeling like it’s his responsibility to keep it running. He might feel quilty not to write anything for a day or two. I don’t know the solution. I just want to ask questions. Can a blog writer stop writing for a few days, or a few weeks? There are tons of blogs out there where the owners took a few rests and each may last an indefinite amount of time. I think it’s perfectly okay to leave it alone for a while, only update it when something exciting or brilliant come to mind. As a frequent visitor, I have no issue with that.

  5. On the flip side, I don’t agree with the above sentiment that “…your blog will be quicly kicked out the blogosphere…”. I can assure everybody that is not going to happen even if JSW says something out of nothing. Let me explain it this way, I come to a site like this knowing JSW as a human being, like a brother figure. I have no tall order for him. I don’t need education from him either. I view his blog and himself just a plain person like myself. And most importantly, I feel perfectly fine that a plain person has nothing to say, and say whatever came to mind…, it’s human, isn’t it. Feeling human is an important aspect why I love this site. I can reflect a lot of the feelings that he has. I can see how he is developing his perspective after traveling… Why does anyone want to place such an unrealistically tall order to a personal blog that ultimately belongs to JSW himself to express his own feelings, whatever it is. If you don’t the the so called “quality” that he wrote today, why can’t you write something of high quality so that we can all enjoy? Besides, I personally feel that JSW’s sensitivity to rumors is a powerful feeling that he feels compelled to express. By expressing these very humanly feelings, I came to enjoy JSW and his sites ever more… enough said.

  6. Unfortunately, South Ca is low tech and North Ca is high tech, I am just kidding!

    Yes, Chinese food in SC is probably the number one or two (not sure about how it compares to NYC) in the US and A.

    I am always amazed at the quality difference for Chinese food between bay area and Monterey park. Well, the only logic I can draw from this is that Bay area has too many engineers and LA regions has too many businessmen.

  7. Hi guys, I hear you, and I completely hear you. Thanks for the quick headup – I understand your feeling Carsten and Frank, and thanks jqian for your understanding – a smile got onto my face when I read your note. On the post, there is context around it, and due to the fact of the issue, I cannot write more or write nothing. To be honest, this note is more for me (to remind what happened today), and to some journalist. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, this is all I can disclose today. Wait for one day or two, I will let the story unfold and tell you more when I can. Also, if you read Chinese, search my name in news search, and you can get some context (which I cannot link to now)

  8. JS,

    I am not surprice that not before too much longer you will not have time to continue writing, good for you, better and bigger things to deal with. Enjoy reading your writing very much.

  9. Many of us saw the “rumors” from local online media and asked each other whether it is true. Now we got the clarification. Best wishes to you and kijiji!

  10. I checked the source of the rumor. That piece of news itself actually didn’t talk about any of the rumor. But some headlines pointing to that news made the rumor :( The news headlines have been abused so much in China these days that they can be totally unrelated to their news contents….

  11. IMHO, this post of Jian Shuo’s is well wriiten.

    By definition a blog is like a diary, some entries are notes of actual events, some are sparks of thoughts, some are venting, some can just be markings or even cryptive markings. Entries on a popularly read blog can be meant for every reader but there’s nothing wrong with putting notes there for himself — after all it’s HIS blog.

    Furthermore, this is really a smart way to deal with things like rumors, attacks, etc. For in such a case, it is best to point out the nature of the offense WITHOUT repeating/advertising the feeding frenzy.

  12. ok, searched and got it, rumor is WJS meetup with Google asian sale director and eachnet founder to run new business.

  13. “Is Google buying your company?”

    Funny, I actually guessed the right company without knowing anything about the rumor.

  14. Hi again ! Keep up the good work ! My joke was meant to make you react ! You are one of the only “read-able” blog in English about China !

    Whatever I said, you’re still (and will always be) one of my favourite RSS feed ;-)

    Good night !

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