Sound Bytes of These Days

– There must be reason behind an unreasonable person.

– Maybe people just have different common sense.

Common sense is not always common, and sometimes it does not makes sense.

– Or to put it in a clearer way, Common sense is not always common among different people, and sometimes some one’s common sense does not makes sense to another person.

– It is hard to be intimacy without being vulnerable.

– Tell the gap

– Ask What if, or What else questions

– Deliver the key message earlier.

Three days of Role Play and One night of Fire

At night, gathered around the fire. The mountains are still, and the Santa Cruz downtown is at the foot of the hill, and the sea shore extends to the horizonal line.

It is very funny time. I enjoyed the role play in the leadership development program. It simply is very helpful. The bad thing is, I don’t have Internet access, or even no mobile access. The wireless, and wired Internet access infructure there does not mean I can or want to take a break to use it from the wonderful discussion.

P.S. The Amazon book finally delivered to the hotel. Nice, and it is the first time I ordered some book (and ship it to U.S. address!) Including in this package, there is the book Chasing Daylight. I believe it will be interesting.

P.S. 2. I continue to act as the bridge for America and China. Tonight I heard some true Chinese story from peoples in America. It was educational for me and offered a different perspective. To use another angel to see the same country is so interesting, and inspiring.

P.S. 3. I just heard that in a private land in U.S., if it is large enough for cars, the land owners and his family can drive cars on the land without a driver’s license. This is amazing. Is it true?

6 thoughts on “Sound Bytes of These Days

  1. Yes, # 3 is true. Many kids begin to learn to drive in the driveway of their house, going back and forth between the street and the garage. I even think in some states kids are allowed to drive farm vehicles like tractors without a license so you might see a 14 year old in a big tractor going slowly down the side of the road.

  2. I remember watching a television programme about a Beijing nouveau riche family and their kids were also driving cars around the parent’s premises. Maybe driving on you own soil without a driver’s license is legal in China, too.

  3. many kids learn to drive on farms or on private acreage. driving around on a farm is a little bumpy but not a bad place to get a feel for learning how to drive a motor vehicle.

  4. hello Jian..

    #3 there is a lot of “off roading” here with unlicensed people. Little kids are driving all terrain V’s … everywhere, I saw a dad with no helmut, with 2 children, riding one in the street :/ then there are the tiny motorcycles…. motorized scooters, do kids walk anymore?

    What exactly did you learn about how Americans feel about Chinese ways?

    I’m interested.

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