Coincidence? Maybe Not

There are some “coincidence” in the Chinese Blogger Conference in Hangzhou. The conference was originally planned to be at a place called Zijingang. One and half day before the conference, the venue owner cancelled the venue claiming that government is using the venue so they have to cancel all other events. Ops. What a coincidence! Then the venue was changed to another place in the Hangzhou University (what a rush). When the word of changing venue spread out, the university called and said electronic power will be shutdown for maintenance for the next two days. So the conference cannot be held there. Ops. What a coincidence! Then finally, people moved to the third venue at the night before the conference. This time, no meeting there, and there is electronic supply, which is good, but the Internet provide reported that they are conducting system maintenance and there is limited Internet access – I have to use my CDMA in my room. Ops. What a coincidence, for the third time!

7 thoughts on “Coincidence? Maybe Not

  1. Haha, I was thinking “how come it’s so disorganised this year” when reading about the changes of CBC this year. But now I got the answer!

    This kind of “coincidence” is rare and almost impossible to be found somewhere else in the world, maybe it’s what they “Chinese characteristic (中国特色)” ?

  2. Why doest this conference annoy people from the government ?

    Sorry, stupid question…. People speaking and debating always annoy totalitarians regimes.

    Good luck guys !

  3. Herbert is right. Always assume incompetence instead of malevolence. And it happens in the US

    too. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a war in Iraq.

    At least the Chinese economy is improving and

    occasionally the government tries to help the Lao Bai Xing. The opposite seems true in the US.

  4. Instead of ALWAYS seeing incompetence, I see VERY HIGH PROBABILITY. As a consequence I do not leave in a dream world, but I am closest to the true.

    Iraq war is a different subject, and I see manipulation and autism as many countries warned the US not to go.

    What gov do not really care about the Lao Bai Xing as long as he shut his mouth ?

    Welcome to the real world Neo!

    Coming back to the subject, do you really think the people who organize will have 3 times this bad luck ? Do you really think they have not check if the place was available and ok before asking everybody to come ? But certainly after… When some people realized that it will be a bloger conference… then… the problems appeared.

    Good luck for your conference, do not let them shut your mouth , and share ideas!

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